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Invisible Hand
by LDiEgo
Since 1999 the STAR WARS license has given us sets based on several scenes and ships from the saga. With lots of products released, almost every moment from the original trilogy can be recreated with LEGO bricks. But there are still too many scenes from the prequel trilogy that have not been translated into LEGO sets. The Clone Wars series has helped to the release (and re-release) of some vehicles, but there is still too much work to do. My idea is to create a set based on the General Grievous’ flagship, The Invisible Hand. There are already some examples of capital ships made in LEGO sets: -6211 Imperial Star Destroyer -7665 Republic Cruiser -8039 Venator-Class Republic Attack Cruiser -10198 Tantive IV -7964 Republic Frigate -10221 Super Star Destroyer -9515 Malevolence Like the sets showed above, the Invisible Hand would be a big set that recreates the exterior appearance of the craft, featuring playable interior for the minifigures. The separatist’ fleet have a minor amount of LEGO sets than the republic in the Clone Wars series, but this ship can equilibrate this disadvantage.
Assault on Wayne Manor
by DarthKy
Here you go folks! Everyone who has been asking for a RED ROBIN check out our new project- Red Robin & Alfred: Gates to Wayne Manor Rogue's "Gallery" For the first two months of this project we sought feedback from the fans on which characters you would like to "Assault" Wayne Manor. We have received over 800 votes and after much discussion we have locked down our proposed cadre of villainy for this set. Our proposal will include: Ra's al Ghul Red Hood (Jason Todd) Firefly We have integrated our character models through the project art but you can also view them on our campaign page . We hope they meet with your satisfaction. The Selection- Ra's al Ghul and Red Hood are excellent characters to include in a set depicting Wayne Manor. They are of but a small hand-full of nefarious characters that know Batman's alter ego as Bruce Wayne. Their depth of character and complex histories with Batman also speak well to the goal here of showcasing and celebrating the extremely wide and divergent history of the Detective over a variety of media and decades of story telling in a singular set. Firefly is likely a bit of a ringer for most people. Firefly is in fact an excellent choice. Of all of the villains the Batman might encounter, Firefly is likely the greatest threat to Wayne Manor itself...besides, using Firefly in a set will give new purpose to all those Lego firefighters we Lego fans have. So, what next...well, we have the start of a story, a story about an Assault on Wayne manor. We are investigating the best way to do this right now, and it is a daunting and challenging task, but that is what Cuusoo is all about, setting your sights high :) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ DC Comics Campaign The single greatest thing that could happen to this project would be a posting on an official Batman page. So if you really want this to happen, please consider contacting DC comics directly here. Here is a message you can send them about our project. Hopefully if enough people will send it in, they will post it to Facebook and Twitter! "Hello DC comics! There is a fan campaign to create a Lego Wayne Manor ( ). At a lifetime average of more than 45 support per day, this is the fastest growing project on Lego Cuusoo! It only needs 8000 more votes for Lego to review it. We realize that getting a set produced is a long shot, but please consider sharing this project with true Batman fans via your facebook and twitter feeds to help us get this project to the review phase and celebrate this homage to the world greatest detective." ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please, we cannot stress this enough, if you like this project tell your friends, family, and other Batfans about it! If every person who has supported this project so far got just 4 more people to support it, we would already be at 10,000 votes! Thank you :) There are plenty of Batman sets on Cuusoo, and plenty of Modulars but this is something new, something different, a themed Modular, Wayne Manor. A theme is not the only thing that makes this modular unique though. Instead of stacking, this model unfolds. The folding method allows for multiple levels of display AND play. Folded up the build is an attractive manor, but there are three hinges dividing the model into four quarters. These can be arranged for the previously indicated closed display, all hinges open (as displayed above) or a variety of other configurations. ****************************************************************************************************** For those new to Cuusoo, Welcome! Cuusoo is a site where people can vote for projects to become real Lego products. All we need it 10,000 votes to get reviewed! We need your help to get there though. If you like this project, please help spread the word on social media. Here is a brief article on other ways you can help this project become a reality. ************************************************************************************************* Thank You! The Response has been Phenomenal! We thank each and every one of you. There is no way this list could be complete but we wanted to point out some great help we have received from the project’s fans that have really helped to get the word out: David Willis, Creator of Shortpacked Scott Snyder , CURRENT WRITER OF BATMAN! iFanboy, the very best podcast on Comic Books out there All Star Comics: “A vote for Wayne Manor is a vote for AWESOME!” **************************************************************************************************** Please "Like" the Rebrick images to help get them out to Lego fans everywhere: * Image 1 * Details * Image 2 * Image 3 * Image 4 * ******************************************************************************************************
LEGO Lightsabers: Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker
by scott34567
When the Republic had become nothing but a memory, and the Empire was at the height of its power two people, father and son, were about to determine the fate of the galaxy aboard the second Death Star. Who will decide the fate of the galaxy? You will. Build your lightsaber, choose your side... This set captures the iconic form of Darth Vader's and Luke Skywalker's Return of the Jedi lightsabers in brick-built Lego form. My idea is to allow us mere humans not in that galaxy far, far away to participate in the age-old Jedi and Sith tradition of completing our skills and building by offering a set that allows us to build two of the most iconic lightsabers in the Star Wars universe. Just like the "real thing" each lightsaber has a crystal inside. These lightsabers are sturdy enough to withstand being handled and sturdy enough to support the blade concept. Furthermore, I want to make these hilts as realistic as possible to pass off as a prop for a costume (for people who are into that sort of thing)...they can take the abuse of a convention crowd! I proudly showed these off at Megacon 2013. UPDATES 13 December 2013: Based on the new project guidelines, this set has evolved into a stand alone set that includes two iconic lightsabers of the Star Wars Universe and the movie Return of the Jedi...Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker. Based on your feedback, these are the two lightsabers you have expressed the most interest in, and these are the lightsabers I have decided to go forward with. Find this project on Facebook! You can see more pictures of lightsaber concepts that aren't related to this project here on Flickr
X-Men: X-Mansion
by DarthKy
Welcome to the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Check out our Campaign page for more project content ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Marvel Comics Campaign If you are a “Excelsior” Level Fan of the X-Men please consider contacting the X office at Marvel: The single greatest thing that could happen to this project would be a posting on an official Marvel page. So if you really want this to happen, please consider contacting Marvel comics directly. Here is a message you can send them about our project. Hopefully if enough people will send it in, they will post it to Facebook and Twitter! ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………. "Hello Marvel comics! There is a fan campaign to create a Lego X-Mansion ( ). It needs only 10,000 votes for Lego to review it. We realize that getting a set produced is a long shot, but please consider sharing this project with X-men fans via your facebook and twitter feeds to help us get this project to the review phase and celebrate our love of the X-Men." ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………. Please also share this project with any other individuals or organization you think might appreciate it.
Labyrinth Marble Maze
by JKBrickworks
Check out my latest project and support if you like it. Da Vinci Flying Machine Thanks! This is a fully functioning version of a Labyrinth marble maze, featuring interchangeable mazes, a built in removable ball container and a travel lock. Watch a video of this project in action on Youtube . Having an interchangeable maze system means you can customize the maze as you see fit, build additional mazes, and make them as simple or challenging as you want. In addition to the standard maze I have also designed several themed mazes, which you can see below. Thanks to the following sites for showcasing this project! The Brick Blogger - Tested - Make - Geekologie - BrickUltra - LEGO CUUSOO Legends - The Brothers Brick In celebration of reaching 2500 supporters we've built a 'Legends of the Sea' themed maze. Unlike the other mazes, this one is more like a traditional maze, and does not have holes for the ball to fall into. The challenge is to run through it as fast as you can, without getting stuck in the dead ends and wrong turns. A maze like this would be more suitable for smaller children, as it would still be fun to run the ball through, but wouldn't have the frustration of always getting the ball stuck.
by Hidaka
This is Piano. I would like to add the Music Instruments to the Lego Products Line. Because boys and girls, children and adults, almost people LOVE MUSIC! So I hope they will be interested in both LEGO and MUSIC. This idea include mini-figs like the well-known composer. 2nd picture is the image of Box design with CD. I hope Box size is as same as CD case. Because this size makes it easier to pack with music CD or Video. Also this set include book about the piano and the composer's information. So we can not only build this Piano, but also we can study about Piano and music. When your friend love music or can play the piano, this is better for a gift regardless of sex or age. 4th picture is this piano and the mini-piano. We can rebuild the mini-piano by adding a few parts. Please check this video in Youtube. Lego Piano Lego Grand Piano Instructions 2 How to make LEGO Mini Piano with parts of LEGO Piano We can adopt this Piano as a gift of the piano concert. So both boys and girls will be happy. It is very important that this set will create a new market. Because the seller will be able to put in a musical store or place. In Christmas, White Piano and Santa's Mini-fig is good set, isn't it? Both Lego & Music has imagination and creativity! Please support this project! :) Project History : 1,000 Supporters - Jan 25th, 2012 2,000 Supporters - May 18th, 2012 3,000 Supporters - Oct 22nd, 2012 4,000 Supporters - Aug 1st, 2013 Changing this submission by updated new rules - Dec 20th, 2013 5,000 Supporters - Jan 12th, 2014 6,000 Supporters - Mar 14th, 2014  7,000 Supporters -  < 日本語(Japanese) > ピアノです。 このセットには、有名な音楽家似のミニフィグが含まれます。 組み立て説明書には、ピアノの仕組みや音楽家の情報なども載せることで、ただ組み立てるだけではなく、音楽にも興味が持てるセットを提案します。 また、箱の大きさをCDケースと同じにすることができれば、CDといっしょに包装して、プレゼントにすることもできます。 また、数個の部品を追加することで、ひとまわり小さいピアノを組み立てることもできます。 音楽が好きな、またはピアノが弾けるお友達や知人へのプレゼントにいかがでしょうか? 年齢や性別に関係なく、喜ばれると思います。 特に、ピアノのコンサートなどの記念品にすれば、男の子にも、女の子にも喜んでもらえると思います。 さらに、このセットは、新たなマーケットを開拓する可能性を持っています。 なぜなら、おもちゃ売り場だけではなく、音楽関係のお店や、音楽に関係したイベントや場所に置くことで、よりたくさんの人に興味を持ってもらうことができるからです。 ぜひとも、サポートをよろしくお願いいたします。

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