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    World Trade Center North Tower

    created by ZachKniffin on 2012.02.26

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    *UPDATE: I have reconsidered this project, as I have realized the scale would be quite massive, and have redesigned it to fit the Lego Architecture theme. PLEASE VISIT MY PROFILE TO SUPPORT THE NEW VERSION*

    This model contains 1176pcs excluding the Minifig shown and baseplates (the amount of peices listed is based on what I have finished so far [what I have done so far is what is shown in the screenshots]). There are four (4) baseplates that are 48x48 studs long lining the edges, and a total of sixteen (16) 48x48 baseplates are used in this model. As you can see by the screenshots, I have not put in the core collumn (with elevators), but I definately will include it. I may try to put the elevators in the model, but if that proves too difficult, I will only put in the elevator shafts. I will also put in the stair wells, as well as the rooms and stores that were located at the lobby level of the WTC North Tower. I may do the South Tower as well. Please tell me what you think of this idea, as I am really hoping Lego finds a way to make a set like this possible in honor of those who died on Sept. 11th, 2001. -Z. Kniffin

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    Minifigure with briefcase to show scale.

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    As you can see, this model is HUGE. If you look on the far right hand side, you will see a small white speck circled in red. That is a minifigure, just so you can get an idea of how huge this model is.
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