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Doctor Who

created by xxXDennoXxx on 2012.03.01

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With a huge market in the UK, and a growing market elsewhere, Doctor Who is one of the biggest Sci-Fi dramas in the world. It has fans everywhere and has been running for almost 50 years. I think now would be a perfect time to release Lego Doctor Who sets, with a new series coming up which will be shown on BBC 1, BBC America, and BBC Worldwide. The MOC above is just a suggestion (it is one of the last scenes from the series two episode 'Doomsday') for a set. Sets could be made with different Doctors and maybe Dalek or Cybermen battle packs.
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First and foremost, thank you for creating this project on LEGO® CUUSOO!

We've looked into the possibility of producing a set based on this licensed property (Doctor Who), and since another company has the construction toy license for this IP, we can’t pursue this further as a potential LEGO set. We're sorry to be the bearers of this disappointing news.

With any IP on LEGO CUUSOO is that there is the potential of a license conflict, either with an existing license or with a competitive licensor. Still, we think it’s better to be open and allow for possibilities, knowing there will be "no" answers along the way, than shut out the potential of IP-based products altogether. After all, just because this project isn’t a possibility doesn’t mean all IP projects wouldn’t be. 

We've archived this project now since we know it isn't feasible. Your project will remain visible on LEGO CUUSOO, but in a status where it can no longer be supported or commented on. This way fans can still admire your creation.

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