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    Mirage (realistically speaking)

    created by Nannan on 2011.10.08

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    What better way to entertain your eclectic fancies and fill up that 27th bedroom of your house than to have your own paradise in the sky made out of Legos? This easy-to-assemble kit comes with over 150 interchangeable platforms for you to create a fully customizable futuristic zen garden. Support Mirage and make it a reality! Instructions included.

    Designed by yours truly and the evil genius Legohaulic.
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    Congratulations on all of the supporters! This model is really impressive, especially when seen in detail on the full MOCpages gallery (

    The detail in this is breathtaking. We like how you take full advantage of the various geometries offered in the bricks; especially the octagonal plates. The various arrays and planetary displays are perfect accents, and the occasional vine gives the model an organic feel. Well done!

    It's good that you included "realistically speaking," since we obviously would not be able to produce and market the whole thing. If we produced something based on this model, it would likely feature the central tower and perhaps one section of octagonal pods.

    Best of luck on your journey to 10,000 supporters!

    The LEGO CUUSOO Team

    Note: If your idea is selected, the LEGO Group will make the final decision on how your proposed product should be produced, the final design, applicable licenses, production run size, sales channels, etc. Please understand that our comments here do not have an effect on the LEGO Review that will take place if the project reaches 10,000 supporters.