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    LEGO Star Wars Travel Chess Set

    created by avisolo on 2011.08.25

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    Let's make a LEGO Star Wars Travel Chess Set to get young minds excited about playing the royal game, at home and on the road! I built one for my son on his 6th birthday and he's been hooked on playing Chess ever since.

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    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, a great battle of good and evil was fought. Now you can relive the struggles of the courageous characters from the Star Wars saga in one of the world's oldest games, brought to life with LEGO Star Wars microfigs. LEGO Star Wars Chess puts you in command of the Rebel Alliance or the evil Galactic Empire! As you craft your strategy at each step, you move your forces to go forth and do battle. Use Chewbacca's skill with the crossbow to take out a sinister Tie Pilot. Or pit Darth Vader in a deadly lightsaber duel against his arch enemy Luke Skywalker!

    Érase una vez hace mucho tiempo en una galaxia muy, muy lejana, se libraba una batalla entre el Bien y el Mal. Ahora puedes volver a vivir las aventuras de los osados personajes de la serie de La Guerra de las Galaxias en uno de los juegos más antiguos del mundo.

    Il y a longtemps, dans une lointaine galaxie, un combat titanesque opposa les forces du bien et du mal. Aujourd'hui, il est devenu possible de revivre les luttes épiques de tous ces héros intrépides dont les exploits ont fait la saga Star Wars, et ce à travers l'un des jeux les plus anciens du monde.

    Tanto tempo fa in una galassia molto, molto lontana, le forze del bene combatterono una grande battaglia contro quelle del male. É possibile rivivere le lotte dei coraggiosi protagonisti della saga di Guerre Stellari in uno dei giochi più antichi del mondo.

    Vor langer Zeit wurde millionen von Lichtjahren entfernt eine große Schlacht zwischen Gut und Böse ausgetragen. Jetzt können Sie die Kämpfe der Star Wars Helden in einem der ältesten Spiele der Welt.

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    The LEGO Star Wars Travel Chess Set uses microfigures from the Battle of Hoth game set. The set includes a 16X16 black & white LEGO Chess baseplate and comes in it's own easy to store and carry box (like the old LEGO tic-tac box or the Multi-Game Pack box).

    You can make your own authentic LEGO Star Wars Travel Chess Set TODAY using the following parts list:
    -Two LEGO Battle of Hoth gamesets
    -One 16X16 LEGO baseplate
    -One LEGO Tic Tac Toe Box
    -A Dejarik hologameboard tile as a decorative element referencing the famous Wookiee scene from the original movie

    I used 64 black and white studded plates (32 of each color) sourced via Bricklink for the chessboard, but the grey and blue tiles from the Battle of Hoth gameset will do just as well.

    I also used female microfigs from other LEGO gamesets for the Queens on each side (as Princess Leia is conspicuously absent from the Battle of Hoth gameset).

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    The Star Wars microfig chess set is highly compact and portable with all the pieces staying secure even while playing in a car, bus, train, plane, boat or spaceship! The LEGO Tic Tac Toe Box is a perfect fit for playing while on the go and for prompt storage. LEGO should seriously consider sending one into Space as a gift to the ISS astronauts!

    A LEGO Chess beginner's manual themed with the Star Wars figures included in the set would make it even more awesome and desirable. Garry Kasparov's Checkmate!: My First Chess Book or Magnus Carlsen's Play Magnus app could be adapted with permission for this purpose. Another option is providing LEGO Star Wars themed video tutorials explaining the basics of Chess (like those included on the LEGO Chess computer game).

    Suggested configuration:

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    -Pawns = R2D2 (or Rebel Troopers)
    -King = Yoda
    -Queen = Princess Leia Organa
    -Bishops = Luke Skywalker and Han Solo in a white Skiff shirt (Han Solo will be the bishop next to Princess Leia)
    -Knights = Chewbacca (next to Han) and Ben Kenobi (next to Luke)
    -Rooks = C-3PO (a chrome gold version could be issued for this set!) and K-3PO (next to Chewbacca)

    -Pawns = R5-J2 Droids (or Tie Pilots)
    -King = Darth Vader
    -Queen = Juno Eclipse (a Mara Jade, Lumiya, Zeta Traal or Natasi Daala LEGO microfig for this set is another possibility)
    -Bishops = Royal Guards
    -Knights = Jango and Boba Fett
    -Rooks = Tie Pilots

    NOTE: This could be a series with unique chess microfig configurations and box art for every Star Wars episode. A key of figure assignments could be printed inside the box (under a transparent inner cover plate) for easy reference while playing. A LEGO flat round plate placed on the head of each figure could serve as an identifying "helmet".


    Full LEGO Star Wars Travel Chess Set image gallery

    Demo of the LEGO Star Wars Travel Chess Set
    Playing LEGO Star Wars Travel Chess on the shores of the cosmic ocean

    2,000 True Fans: Making Chess cool for kids using Star Wars LEGO
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    A clever way to keep kids occupied in the car/plane trips while teaching them the "royal game"! Great job finding all those LEGO Microfigures and testing the game out. 

    We wish you good luck on your journey to 10,000 supporters!

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