Archived Project - This project has been reviewed and is not being considered for production.
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created by klsmith007 on 2012.04.04

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Sitting on a 32x32 baseplate and a bit over 14.5" (37cm) not including the light on top, this is the "Time And Relative Dimension In Space" (TARDIS) time machine from the BBC series Doctor Who. This approximate 2000 piece TARDIS sports custom decals and a working door. It's also built in the rare dark blue color. For the ultimate Doctor Who fan, this is the ultimate collector series TARDIS.
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Decision on Our Ability to Produce this Project


First and foremost, congratulations on the over 1,000 supporters for this project on LEGO® CUUSOO! Your Dr. Who Tardis model is very well built.

Our team has looked into the licensing potential and another company has the construction toy license we will not consider Dr. Who further. We see how enthusiastic and hopeful Dr. Who fans are at the possibility of a LEGO line and are sorry to be the bearers of this disappointing news.

The challenge with allowing IP-related projects on LEGO CUUSOO is that there is the potential of such a conflict, either with an existing license or with a competitive licensor. Still, it's our view that it is better to be open and allow for possibilities, knowing there will be "no" answers along the way, than shut out the potential of IP-based products altogether.

We have chosen to archive this project now since we know it is not feasible. There are too many projects to check each in-depth for license conflicts when they are first submitted, so instead we're looking deeper at projects that start to gain momentum.

Opening ourselves to new product suggestions invites popular ideas that don't always work. We are grateful for the spirit behind projects like the Dr. Who and for the opportunity to be challenged. It keeps us sharp and looking toward the future of the LEGO brick.


Note: If your idea is selected, the LEGO Group will make the final decision on how your proposed product should be produced, the final design, applicable licenses, production run size, sales channels, etc. Please understand that our comments here do not have an effect on the LEGO Review that will take place if the project reaches 10,000 supporters.