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    Supermarket (IGA)

    created by lightning51 on 2012.04.07

    Main Section
    Something that has been missing from Lego city, and only ever appearing in an ideas book from the early 80's. Supermarket.
    This particular design is based on structures found in many Australian country towns....though you would possibly find similar in the USA or Canada as well. I choose the IGA brand since it is an international brand name.

    Note - this is a new design of my supermarket which is more universal and modern.

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    As you can see shelves, fruit & veg plus a dairy case.
    The dairy case is brick built, using SNOT and stickers to provide the goods on display....cheese, butter and smallgoods.
    In a smaller 16x16 size design, a counter, fruit & veg display out the front of the store and this dairy case is all that is required.....though mine actually leaves you with the impression of a real supermarket.

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    Checkout counter by the front door, only one staff member though.
    I guess in an actual set 1 register would do.
    At the time of photographing I forgot to include customers, in a real set an adult and child minifig combo could be included in a set.

    Set pricing would be in the range of 49 to 69 dollars AU depending on detailing, but with the ceiling as it is....add another 20 to 30 dollars for that alone.

    Like it.....vote for it.....Brick On !
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