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    Pick Up Truck (Plumbers/Builders)

    created by lightning51 on 2012.04.08

    Main Section
    In the land of Oz (Australia) we call these ute's, first appeared on the scene back in the 1930's at the request of a Victorian farmer's wife. Thousands of these utes are used by plumbers, builders, and of course farmers.
    This vehicle is a plumbers ute, you can see a ladder and restraints to hold pipes, etc., on the roof of the jumbo tool box.
    I have also redesigned the front end and raised the chassis a little so more heavy duty looking tyres can be used to give a more rough and tough tradie look to the pick up truck

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    We now have a redesigned drain cleaning machine of an even more simple yet still realistic design.
    In the tool box, a classic Fabuland pipe wrench, classic town shovel and pick axe can be stored. Perhaps some taps, t-pieces, etc., to be supplies for the plumber to use in his job.
    You may also notice a modification to the storage area for the pipe cleaning machine too.
    The cost in Aust. dollars for a set like this could be around 20 dollar mark since it is a single minifig set design.

    Note - You could also include a tool wheel with a small tool chest, a spare construction helmet and perhaps a towing attachment and cement mixer.....of course this would add 10 dollars to the price at least.
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