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    Eve Online Ships - Hurricane (WIP)

    created by TheLegacy on 2012.04.29

    Main Section
    EVE Online is a MMO which I've been playing for a few years, and some of the ship designs are quite unique.

    After seeing Czar's work on the LEGO Rifter, I've been inspired by his fantastic work to create a LEGO Hurricane. You can find Czar's Rifter here:

    This is the description of the tremendously popular ship, according to the game: "The force with which this ship hits is more than sufficient to leave a trail of shattered enemies, floating around like so much lifeless debris. An adaptable vessel, it has enough turret hardpoints for a full-scale assault while remaining versatile enough to allow for plenty of missile fire, and has both sufficient speed to outrun its enemies and sufficient capacitor charge to outlast them."

    This is currently a work in progress; this project will be updated as it progresses. Right now, the upper half of the iconic wedge is finished. I'm working on the lower half, which afterward I'll finish the engineering section and main solar panels.

    I'm going to hazard a guess to say that this ship would cost about $100.00 to purchase with lego bits. It's quite a large model, and I've designed it to be sturdy enough to not be easily broken for the most part. And, if it breaks, well, duct tape!

    In Eve, I'm known as Jalxan, and you can certainly Eve-mail me there if you have any thoughts or input, or comment here!

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    Update 1: I've more or less completed the lower structure, but I'm admittedly struggling to line up the bottom with the top. As you know, Lego never did make angles easy to process, and this is no exception. Using Technic, I'm hoping to bring the bottom to the top, then the back to the main section.

    However, it's been quite the hair-pulling experience, as you can imagine! @_@
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