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    IRON MAN gantrymachine

    created by choisanghun on 2012.04.23

    Main Section
    How are you?

    I am Choisanghun, a manufacturer of Gantry Machine.
    Thank you very for interests in my project.
    The Gantry Machine was manufactured for commemoration of Opening of Movie since Adventure Movie will be released on Apr. 26.
    There were a lot of difficulties in its manufacturing since Korea encounters with environment difficult to receive or supply bricks.
    Nevertheless, we manufactured the Gantry Machine with bricks obtained only in Korea.
    I hope your merry appreciation.

    ---------- "Description of Product"-----------

    The Gantry Machine appears in the middle part in Iron Man 1 and in the initial part in Iron Man 2.

    As viewers of the movie know well, the Gantry Machine is composed of machine of both arms, machine to connect the back part behind the chest part and machine to fill the head of machine and manufactured so that all the joints can be moved.

    And the floor plate is composed of 2x2 white tiles and 2x4 white tiles, and the name plate (or title) is composed of 2x4 tiles wit stickers adhered.

    The bottom that Iron Man stands on was worked with stickers and is manufactured with stickers adhered since there was no tile bricks after manual cutting and grinding.

    The bottom consisted of 5 total parts, which they were composed of jointing bricks commonly in view of a movie and were folded or spread from time to time.

    YouTube movie :

    안녕하세요 갠트리 머신 제작자 Choisanghun 입니다.
    제 프로젝트, 관심을 가져 주셔서 대단히 감사합니다.
    어벤져스 영화가 오는 4월26일 개봉을 앞두고 있어서
    영화 오프닝을 기념하기 위해 제작되었습니다.
    한국에서 brick을 수급하기가 매우 어려운 환경이라
    만드는데에 있어 많은 어려움이 있었습니다.
    그래도 한국에서만 구한 brick으로 제작하였으며
    즐거운 감상 되시길바라겠습니다.

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    Idea Image
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    This photograph expressed how the joints of Gantry Machine moved.

    The black floor that Iron Man stood on showed folded look and all the machines of “Gantry Machine” was in the folded status. We made effort to express free motions of joints to the maximum.
    And the floor was manufactured of black tiles in Iron Man 1 and of white tiles in Iron Man 2.
    We will suppose so that all DIORAMAs can be acted out for Iron Man 1 and Iron Man 2, including white stickers if supporters would become 10000 and if products would be made.
    이 사진에서는 갠트리 머신이 어떤식으로 관절이 움직이는지를 표현했습니다.

    아이언맨이 서있는 검정바닥은 접혀있는 모습이며 모든 "갠트리 머신"의 기계는

    접혀있는 상태 입니다 관절의 자유로움을 최대한 표현하려고 노력을 하였습니다.

    그리고 아이언맨1에서는 검정타일이지만 아이언맨2에서는 흰색바닥인데

    나중에 서포터가 10000이 되서 제품화 된다면 흰색 스티커도 포함하여

    아이언맨 1과 2에 모든 디오라마를 연출할수 있도록 건의 하겠습니다.

    그리고 바닥에는 아이언맨이 고정될수 있도록

    아이언맨이 위치한곳에 1x2타일2개를 써서

    떨어지지 않게 하였습니다.

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    Idea Image
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    *JPG, PNG and GIF formats are available
    The above photograph shows “Javis”, a helper of Tommy Stark. We expressed “Extinguisher Javis”. “Javis” was manufactured to allow movable DIORAMA with joint bricks.
    I am very happy for that “Javis” was manufactured as Lego as it was too pretty in the movie.

    위사진에서는 토니스타크의 도우미 "자비스"입니다 "소화기자비스"를 표현했으며

    관절브릭으로 이또한 움직이는 디오라마가 가능하게 제작되었습니다.

    영화상에서도 너무 귀엽더니 레고로도 제작이 잘되어 매우 기쁩니다.

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    Idea Image
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    *JPG, PNG and GIF formats are available
    Transformation process of Iron Man

    All machines help to put on a suite at the transformation position.

    Iron Man is composed of machine to secure the chest suites, machine to secure the back part and machine to secure both arms. In the rear, a machine to secure the helmet of Iron Man is placed.

    Many modifications were undergone to avoid movement or interference, etc of joints to the maximum at the manufacturing time and we repeated modifications due to error of 0.5mm.
    It appears that a series of processes was too hard work.
    We much endeavored to maximize expression in the movie.

    아이언맨의 변신과정입니다.

    모든 기계가 변신위치에서 슈트를 입혀주고 있습니다.

    앞에 가슴 슈트를 체결해주는 기계와 뒤에 등부분을 체결해주는기계 양쪽팔을

    채결해주는 기계로 이루어져있으며 뒤에는 아이언맨 헬멧을 채결해주는 기계가


    만들당시 관절의 움직임이나 간섭등을 최대한 피하기위해 너무나 많은 수정을

    거쳤으며 0.5mm의 오차때문에 수정 또 수정을 거듭했습니다.

    너무 힘든 작업이였던거 같습니다.

    영화상의 표현을 최대한 하기위해 많은 노력을 했습니다^^

    Added Section 4

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    Idea Image
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    *JPG, PNG and GIF formats are available
    The last thing shows the photograph taken in the front.

    It is a photograph taken to express all the motions of “Gantry Machine”.

    Last, the photograph was registered as main screen yesterday in the Brick Hero’s site.

    It looks that the photograph appears on the Brick Hero’s homepage after the related person watches the photograph from the Blog site that “Kim Do-hyun”, a writer who took the picture uploaded for a minutes.
    Thank you for the upload of my insufficient work on the Brick Hero’s site.

    YouTube movie :

    Please exercise your valuable vote if you are satisfied or if it will be manufactured as a product.

    Thank you very much.

    Avengers Gantry Machine 2.0 cuusoo Project

    Avengers Captain America cuusoo Project
    This is the published article on Brickheroes.

    Iron Man Gantry Machine 1.0 Stick motion video on Youtube.

    마지막은 정면에서 찍은 사진입니다.

    "갠트리머신"의 움직임을 표현하기 위해 찍은사진이며

    모든 움직임을 표현한 사진입니다.

    끝으로 브릭히어로즈 사이트 에 어제 메인으로 등록이 되었더군요

    이 사진을 찍어주신 "김도현"작가분이 잠시 올린 블로그에서

    보시고 브릭히어로즈 홈페이지에 올라온거 같습니다.

    많이 미숙한 작품을 브릭히어로즈에 올려주셔서 부끄럽습니다.

    브릭하어로즈 링크


    위 사진을 보시고 마음에 들거나 제품화 되기를 바라신다면

    소중한 한표 부탁드리겠습니다.

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    Really, where would Tony Stark be without the Gantry Machine and Javis? Not flying around fighting evil as Iron man, that's for sure! This is truly an inspiring creation, made even more inspiring after hearing how difficult it was to obtain bricks in Korea. Nicely done!

    Good luck on your journey to 10,000 Supporters!

    The LEGO CUUSOO Team

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