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    LEGO Bandits

    created by IndyAJD on 2012.04.25

    Main Section
    **New Photos, see http://www.flickr.com/photos/79050418@N05/sets/72157629838695166/ to view them!!!**

    The concept of Lego Bandits dates back to the early 1990s, when Lego introduced Forestmen. My theme idea, Bandits, is similar to Forestmen, but very different as well. This is not a 'Bring back Forestmen' idea, it is just an idea that happens to be similar. Hopefully with the efforts from you and other supporters we will be able to make this idea happen.

    The basic story of Bandits is as follows; the theme centers on a group of Bandits (any name suggestions?) who ambush passerbys to make enough money to eat. They sometimes get in skirmishes with the Royal Guard, who are always on the lookout for outlaws like them.

    From Forestmen, I am keeping the idea of tree forts. Of course, I will still have archers, but there will be less of them than there was in Forestmen, about 50% melee and 50% archery. I also will be using less longbowmen and more crossbowmen, for these are mere peasants and most do not have the skill to accurately shoot a longbow.

    The Bandits will use swords, of course, but will also use axes. Axes are a weapon that can be made effective by a strong, lesser skilled Bandit who has no skill with a sword. Another weapon that does not require much training, but also does not require much strength, is the spear. Used by weaker Bandits to stab or throw, they can be deadly.

    The above pic comes from the first set, which will be called 'Bandit's Tree Hideout' or something like that. I will post more images and sets when we reach certain goals, like 50 supporters, 100 supporters, 250 supporters, 500 and so on. I hope you will support, comment, and bookmark if you like.

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