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    Anti-Gravity Building

    created by TheDarkitect on 2012.04.25

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    Many builders enjoy mounting base plates on walls, but what about something smaller, more planetoid? Imagine several base plates joined together as a cube with a weighted stand. A cube planet that can be built on all sides. This is Anti-Gravity Building.

    As a product these could come in different sizes, just like base plates already do. Though, this is something meant to be small enough to sit on the desk of a child or adult, and be fiddled with endlessly. A small size makes it easier to turn and build structures in strange ways that cross sides. As my crude drawings below demonstrate.

    Keeping it small also makes sure that anything built on it won't become too heavy. If the planet were to topple it wouldn't be a hazard. This potential would be greatly lessened by a stand that is better designed than what I have drawn. A stand that would offer additional build space!

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    They key idea here is the ability to build on a cube of small base plates that "float" over a stand. It offers new ways of playing and exploring. Plus, as an actual product it would open a door for kids that is, at the moment, not that easy to enter.

    Oh, and lots of fun for adults too. So many fans build spaceships, but where to go? The answer is to one of these cube planets.
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