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    Creator Pool House 3 in 1

    created by cri27 on 2012.05.04

    Main Section
    Thanks for viewing my first creation - or creations, because its a 3 in 1-Model like most of the official Creator houses. The first model is a dark red building with an conservatory and a roof terrace. It also has got a garden with a pool, a wooden terrace and with a beach chair. It has got some beige lattice, nice flowers and a tree. There is a red, turnable canvas chair and a parasol. The second building is a chapel with a bell tower and inside it a staircase. You can take the roof off, just like the other houses. Outside, there is a shrine, a pond and a weathercock The third building is an allotment. When you are going throught the front door, left you will find an garden wiht a water pump, a pool, a parasol and a roofed canvas chair. There are trashcans at all models, too. In the light-flooded ground floor, you can climb up a ladder to the roof terrace. Theres the beach chair onto it again. In front of the second floor there are flowers. An the roof there is a satellite dish. Please support my model, it would be a dream for me, if it would published!

    Unfortunately, I was unable to upload any more pictures. So there are more pictures and the Lego Digital Designer files at Skydrive:
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