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    Ambulance (Type 3 / Type III)

    created by SpacySmoke on 2012.05.30

    Main Section
    UPDATED August 27, 2013!
    - New ver. 3.0 build with more realistic details!

    The Project: A Type-III Ambulance that is very common in North America. This particular model is based on a Ford E350 chassis.

    Lego has made many ambulances in their City/Town line, but they have never made a type III ambulance.
    This project is designed with the mature Lego fan in mind, similar to the age range of Lego's modular buildings and would fit in well under their "Creator Expert" series where the focus is on detail and more advanced building techniques.

    About Type III Ambulances:
    Type III ambulances are based on chassis-cabs of light duty vans and fitted with a rectangular patient compartment. The vehicles are customized to the purchaser's needs.

    Features of The Lego Ambulance Type-III:
    - Can hold five minifigures: a driver and passenger in the main cab, plus a patient and 2 more passengers/EMTs in the patient compartment. NEW: added a faux CPR seat; a minifigure can't actually sit there because of space limitations, but one can stand on the seat and bend over to give CPR to another minifigure.
    - Realistic detailing inside and out. The interior features plenty of storage space for medical equipment and other details. Exterior features plenty of emergency lights, panels, storage compartment, fuel tank cap, and more.
    - Functional brick-built doors. Three brick-built doors on the patient compartment can open and close. This door design would probably not make it to the final product but I am hopeful the designers can come up with something better.
    - Removable roofs make it easy to access the cab and patient compartments.

    View a few more photos and earlier versions on flickr:

    Support Milestones:
    1st supporter! - 2012/05/30
    10 supporters - 2012/05/31
    50 supporters - 2012/06/04
    100 supporters - 2012/06/10
    350 supporters - 2012/11/26
    400 supporters - 2012/11/28
    3rd Most Supported project for the week of December 3, 2012! Thanks everyone!
    500 supporters - 2013/01/10

    Thanks for your support!!
    If anyone is an EMT and can share it with the EMT/EMS community, I would greatly appreciate it!

    Big "Thank You" to the following sites for featuring this project:
    Brickset.com Cuusoo Project of the Week (2012/11/26)! Thanks GlenBricker!
    GlenBricker's Review

    1. Can you make instructions for this?
    I have finally finalized the model enough that I've started to work on instructions, but I'm not sure when I'll be able to finish.
    If you are interested, I created an LDD file of an older version. It is available on MOCPages. Just search for "American Ambulance".

    Added Section 1

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    The removable roofs allow easy access to the interior.
    Brick-built doors open and close.

    Added Section 2

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    Ample seating in the highly detailed patient compartment allows room for up to 4 minifigures!

    Added Section 3

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    Highly detailed and realistic interior!

    Added Section 4

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    The ambulance is great for play or display!
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