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    Micro Ninjago: The Lost Treasure

    created by stupid_bunny on 2012.07.04

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    This is a fun, pocket-sized, game that can include up to four players.

    Skeletons, controlled by Lord Garmadon, have stolen treasures from all over Ninjago. It is up to the ninjas to stop the skeletons and reclaim all the treasure.

    This is a very simple game. All four (or less) player line up on the one by four plate. The first player rolls and dice and moves to spaces connected to the starting line. Each treasure is guarded by a skeleton warrior. If you cross paths with one, grab your spinner and get ready for a round of spinjitsu! If you win, you can put the skeleton to the side. If you lose you have to go back to start. If you go into the lava, you must skip your next turn. Who ever gets the most points in the end wins.

    Gold stud : 1 point
    Trans-Blue Chrystal- 3 points
    Gold Cluster- 5 points

    It comes with a mini one by one dice that you can build and arrange however you want.

    This set is about 103 pieces. If it were a set it would probably be in the $5 - $10 range.

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    Above is the dice. The white tile piece (top) is 1 space or movement. The lime green tile is two spaces. The red tile is three spaces. The blue tile is four spaces and the dark green plate at the bottom is five spaces. The pink circle tile means that you lose your turn.

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    This picture will soon be my main picture at the top. Anyways the black box is a storage unit for people, grass, jewels, and lava. The one by twos with one hole in it can stay. The eight by eight platform goes on top of the black box.
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