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    MINECRAFT TooManyItems!

    created by dunc237 on 2012.07.16

    Main Section
    (10/04/2014) Hey Guys! First update for the year! Apologies for the delay but here we are at 5000! Half way there! Check out the project details and support if you want a little more variety to your Minecraft Sets!

    This project aims to provide builders with an array of new and interesting blocks to bring a unique character and personalize to their own Minecraft Micro-World set. It's also a project which allows CUUSOO users to suggest additions and changes to expand to range of possible designs LEGO could use if this project were to hit 10,000 supporters.

    The entirety of the collection would include animals, hostile creatures, iconic decoration blocks and also a few ores to hide with in the Micro-world.

    If you have a suggestion for a block, leave it in the comments and I'll see if i can LEGOize it :)

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    New for 2014! Mystery Packets!
    Receive a pack full of random blocks and let your imagination run wild!

    You never know what you will find! A pig? Some Diamond?? Just like real Minecraft!

    Perfect for getting one more tree for you grassy plain, or a few more stone blocks for that tower!

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    1.Zombie, 2.Skeleton, 3.Enderman, 4.Spider, 5.Slime, 6.Sheep, 7.Cow, 8.Chicken, 9.Pig with Saddle, 10.Iron Golem, 11.Villager, 12.Snow Golem, 13.Crafting Table, 14.Chest, 15.Furnace, 16.Dispenser, 17.Redstone Wire, 18.Pressure Pad, 19.TNT Block, 20.Coal Ore, 21.Iron Ore, 22.Redstone Ore, 23.Gold Ore, 24.Diamond Ore, 25.Nether Portal

    User Suggested Items:
    700A Lapis Lazuli Ore, 700B Emerald Ore suggested by IMMA_BOSS57
    800A Wither Boss suggested by Kingpinn2
    900A Enchantment Table, 900B Bookshelf suggested by Stormling
    1000A Enderdragon, 1000B Cake suggested by everyone :)

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    Thanks to everyone who has suggested items so far

    Thanks for all your support!
    Would appreciate any feedback/changes etc.

    Want a Nether or The End expansion pack? There are plenty of other awesome Minecraft projects on LEGO CUUSOO!

    16th July 2012 = 0 supporters
    19th August 2012 = 250 supporters
    16th October 2012 = 500 supporters
    26th November 2012 = 750 supporters!
    12th January 2013 = 1000 supporters!
    23rd April 2013 = 2000 supporters!!
    Like March 2014? = 5000 awesome people!!
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    Congratulations on 1,000+ Supporters!


    If there's one thing Minecraft fans want, it's more figures for the LEGO Minecraft mini-world. Great job designing 25 new figures to keep Steve and creepers company!

    Best of luck as you journey to reach 10,000 supporters! 

    The LEGO CUUSOO Team

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