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    San Francisco Cable Trolley Car

    created by 4567 on 2012.07.16

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    What has moved city-goers around San Francisco since the 1800's? What is one of the most iconic symbols of the famous American city? What is the subject of this project? Of course! The San Francisco Cable cars.

    With the earliest line operating since 1878, and the latest still operating today, the vehicles manage to be both historic and contemporary, while simultaneously acting as the illustrious transportation system unique to the city. You can show someone a picture of any of the rides, and they will instantly think of San Francisco.

    There are still a ton in active service, but currently, to stay cost effective, I will only propose a model of just one car. Specifically the one up top (Powell & Hyde). Stay strong if you don't want that one though, the identity can always change in review (or maybe a solution is in top secret development, who knows?). So anyway; hey, here it is.

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    The Cable Car concept model has been redesigned to be as accurate as possible to the source material. The car is minifigure friendly, and includes both indoor and outdoor seats, as well as grip poles for casual accomodations of passengers.

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    I designed a trolley operator and several other passenger mini figures that could additionally be included with the set to display and play. Each one is inspired by certain looks of the citizens in San Francisco, and also loosely embody some of the cities ideals.

    Examples of characters include:

    A local of the city who is commonly out and about

    A tourist who likes to eat

    An amateur photographer who lives in The Castro

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    In real life, Cable cars have advertisements attached to the sides of them. The ones pictured are for different San Francisco landmarks.

    (clockwise from top: Golden Gate Bridge, Painted Ladies, Alcatraz and Fisherman's Wharf)

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    If you go to San Francisco sometime, you will surely see some sliding down the streets.

    Want this to become an official set produced by lego? Well you're in luck! At the top of this project there is a economically sized green box labelled "support"; and once you click it, just enter how much money you think this project is worth (I'd say around $30), how many you would get (probably one), and any nice comments you have about the model (i'm sure you have a few ;) ). So if you like it, make sure to support!


    Interested in the models that I have used for this project? Check 'em out here!

    Click here to download The latest Trolleycar model, version 3!
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    Click here to download the older V2 Model

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    Visit sfcablecar.com if you want to learn more about these famous trolleys.
    Image Credits:

    Alcatraz: http://www.alcatrazcruises.com/

    Fisherman's Wharf: http://mcmanuslab.ucsf.edu/SF

    Golden Gate Bridge: http://www.lonelyplanet.com/usa/san-francisco

    The Painted Ladies: http://tlc.howstuffworks.com/family/san-francisco-city-guide.htm

    Background for title image: http://www.datapointed.net/2009/11/the-steeps-of-san-francisco/

    Cable Car up above: http://sfmta.com
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