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    Bumper Carz

    created by BumperCarz on 2012.07.17

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    Hey guys!

    So I was looking at my huge pile of Legos and got inspired. I LOVE Bumper Cars. They are ingenious. They are fun to ride in with friends and I saw that I could build one. So I built it. I made two and put Luke (pic above) and Darth Vader (pic to come.) I thought of how to make a track.. but I don't have the parts and I won't get them.

    The three components are:

    Chassis: front two bumpers, four wheels, and the support.
    The "shell" or oval body: Consists of the surrounding green parts.
    The accessories: The decal front, the seat, wheel, and antenna.

    NOTE: I will update this with new pics. I will also try to make more cars.


    To start, I would like to have each car to be from $3-$5 if they are sold separately. There could also be stickers on the front and on the side. It would be cool if the sides would be replaced with some sort of rubber element. If there was a big track, there could be 8-10 bumper cars with a mechanic and some kids and adults. Wouldn't it be great if these cars could just keep bumping into each other again and again?

    More images will come by the end of August.
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