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    TIE Phantom

    created by darthwin729 on 2012.09.24

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    200+ Supporters! Thank you so much guys, I didn't think we'd get here but we made it! Lets keep it going strong!

    In other news, I'd like to thank BrickQueen for showcasing my TIE Phantom along with the other TIE ships on CUUSOO. I don't know that 200 would've been possible without her help so be sure to check out her projects here.


    Updated the main image with an awesome rendering done by vean. It looks way better than the LDD screenshots I had up before!
    (3.9.13: Added more renders done by vean. They're amazing! Thanks again!)


    150+ supporters! Hooray!

    I'm working on updating the concept model to reflect changes that have been made to the LDD model. When that is done I'll be sure to post pictures and maybe box art? Time will tell.

    Thanks again for all the continued support, you guys rock! :)


    Another model update. This time the wings have been smoothed out a bit and the cockpit can now be opened.


    I've provided links for a few projects that I like and want to see increased support for. If you like my work then there's a strong possibility that you'll like their work too, so go check it out!


    Updated model, added a little bit more detail and tried to make it a little smoother. The new version also includes flick fire missiles like in the TIE Fighter set. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated, so let me know what you think in the comments!

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    The TIE Phantom was an experimental TIE variant developed by the Galactic Empire shortly after the Battle of Yavin and overseen by Grand Admiral Martio Batch. It features both Hyperdrive and Deflector Shield systems as well as a Cloaking Device. Due to Rebel interference and sabotage, the TIE Phantom never saw widespread use against the Alliance.

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    This craft was featured in the 1995 PC game Star Wars: Rebel Assault II: The Hidden Empire and also the 2006 game Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption.

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    If you'd like to know more about the TIE Phantom, please visit the Wookieepedia page.

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    TIE Phantom concept model next to TIE Fighter.

    Please Visit My Brickshelf Gallery for more pictures!

    If you like my TIE Phantom, you'll probably like these projects* by...

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    Star Wars: Imperial Assault Gunboat (aka Star Wing)
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    TIE Aggressor
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    *I do not claim ownership over any of these projects. If you are the creator of one of these projects and do not want it listed here, I am sorry for any inconvenience or grief this has caused you. Please leave me a comment and I will remove the links immediately.

    Thank you and please support if you'd like to see this on your shelf someday!
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