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    Modual Castle Sets

    created by Schwatter on 2011.11.03

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    Since coming out from my dark age 5 years ago, I have been lamenting the fact that if you didn't have the funds like most of the school kids I encourage to further their hobby, you couldn't really build castles of your dreams. A castle or any large set is costing at the very least $120 - $200 + price range. While Lego has been beginning to address this with the Village Market and the Mill & Barn and the Blacksmith sets and the upcoming Joust set, I feel there is more that could be done. The style of buildings has really improved, with great attention to detail. There are so many great AFOL MOC builders of castle out there and the work they do is amazing and inspirational, but for a child way out of their reach. I live in OZ so a trip down to the local LEGO store and fill up a cup with pieces is not an option and most "normal" people have never heard of Bricklink.

    To this end, what I am proposing is a castle or village that can be bought in smaller sections, but can then be added together to make a larger whole. I feel with the direction Kingdoms is heading this could be a great way to gain more market share as I know children (and their parents) would be more willing to buy smaller sets if they added to the whole. I guess similar to the way Lego City operates.

    Such suggestions could be an inn, carpenter, wagon wright, bakery, sections of wall, gatehouse, stable, large watermill, tree and undergrowth pack, market sellers, different styles of houses, farm animals-more goats, chickens, pigs, SHEEP, beekeeper, cooper, townspeople pack. Also animals of the forest such as the excellent ideas come up with by Winkledog and the super market by Alex P could easily be added to this line. I feel this could be a great line both in Europe and the States.

    As mentioned I am really positive of the direction Lego is going with Castle, but there is so much scope to go further. This was however before they closed castle down before LOTR and the Hobbit. As mentioned a new line is coming out in 2013 aimed more at the younger age market and seems to be aimed with less detail than sets had been showing. I think for Castle Village to succeed and could easily compliment the Middle Earth theme.
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