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    LEGO Race City

    created by Mantor98742 on 2012.10.15

    Main Section
    Race City is a project to become a subtheme of Lego Racers (or replace this), this theme includes translucent pieces also introducing the translucent wheel.

    In the year 2013 Rocket Racer founded Race City a place when hobby of the people is racing, also in this city the street races are legal. In the year 2070, Race City grew a lot and has the best technology in automotive industry in all the universe, but one guy called The Malefic One wants to conquer Race City and for that he recruited criminals and vengeful people in Race City to help him, but the mysterious mayor of Race City called The Race Wizard recruited a team called The Defenders to protect Race City.

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    The Defenders

    Dax: The leader of The Defenders, sometimes is funny and Sometimes is serious.

    Amanda: The intelligence of the team.

    Michael: He is one of Rocket Racer's descendant, also a good driver.

    Matt: The scientist of the team, he is working in a fuel which duplicate the velocity of the cars.

    Janet: Dax's sister, also James girlfriend.

    James: The fastest racer in Race City, he is too popular than he has a girlfriend (Janet).

    Jack: He is the joker of the team, he makes a lot of jokes to the other members.

    Nigth Racers:

    Pinky: A Night Racers double agent, her mission is steal information of The Defenders.

    Raceborg: He was Jason, the former leader of The Defenders, but he was captured and turned into a Cyborg by The Malefic One (The recomended head for this character is Saw Fist head from the theme Agents)

    Roboracers: Robots created as the police of Race City but the Malefic One knowed how rescheduled it to serve him.

    Tick Tock: He was a scientist in Race City but he was fired when he was experimenting with time, he joined to the Night Racers to get revenge.

    Ninjor: A mysterious ninja who works for the Night Racers.

    Alien Racer: He was the fastest racer in all Race City but he lost all after losing racing James.

    M Racer: He is the loyal servant of the Malefic One and his rigth hand.

    The Malefic One: He was the Mayor of Race City and he became a evil dictator but he was defeated by the Race Wizard now he founded the Night Racers to conquer Race City.

    The Soilder: A corrupted mercenary who works to the Night Racers

    Magma Jaw: He was the World Champion but his car crashed and after that the public forgot him, he joined to the Night Racers to get revenge.

    Street Racers:

    Snaker: The fastest street racer in Race City, only he has a dream, get a race with James.

    Jessica: Snaker's human girlfriend

    Victor: Jessica's big brother, he presented her to Snaker

    Natasha: She is the second fastest street racer in Race City

    Pittacus: He is an alien street racer who knows a lot of tricks to win a race

    Splish: The funiest alien Street Racer

    Splash: Splish's twin brother, funiest too.


    Baron Fire: A former Night Racer only he wants challenge Dax to a race.

    The Race Wizard: The mysterious mayor of Race City no one knows his true identity.

    Roboracers 2.0: The second version of the Roboracer this ones only chase fugitives in Ligthcycles

    Joe: The owner of a pizzeria in Race City. He is one friend of the Defenders

    Steve: Joe's Pizzeria chef also friend of the Defenders

    Rocket Racer: The founder of Race City, he traveled to the future by an experiment of Tick Tock. (I put this character in this theme as a tribute to the videogame Lego Racers)

    Veronica Voltage: Rocket's Wife, also a co-founder of Race City

    The sets include the new translucent wheel and some translucent pieces.

    ????? Limousine Pursuit:
    Image: Comming Soon
    The Malefic One sended Raceborg and two Roboracers to capture Dr. Nancy Hunter and use her to build the best armed cars in the world to conquer Race City
    7 minifigures: Dax, Amanda, 2 Roboracers, Raceborg, Dr. Nancy Hunter and a Driver

    ????? Snaker's street race:
    Image: Comming Soon
    Snaker challenged Jack and a girl called Natasha to a race to know if one of them can win him, his human girlfriend Jessica and other street racers helps him to prepare the Street Race. Who can win the street race?
    4 minifigures: Snaker, Jack, Natasha and Jessica

    ???? Tick Tock's time machine chase:
    Image Comming Soon
    After an experiment with time, Tick Tock has bring Rocket Racer from the year 2013 to the year 2070 but this had recived the help from Michael but Tick Tock is chasing them.
    3 minifigures: Michael, Rocket Racer and Tick Tock

    ???? Race Wizard and The Malefic One:
    Image: http://mantor98741.deviantart.com/art/Lego-Race-City-Race-Wizard-and-the-Malefic-One-341547312
    When the Malefic one is decided to attack Race City by himself, he is confronted by the Race Wizard.
    2 minifigures: The Malefic One and the Race Wizard

    ????? Base Breakout:
    Image: http://mantor98741.deviantart.com/art/Lego-Race-City-Base-Breakout-341548251
    After revealing to be a Double-Agent, Pinky scapes from a Defenders Base with the Alien Racer but they are chased by James and Janet.
    4 minifigures: James, Janet, Pinky (as a Nigth Racer) and Alien Racer

    ????? Trafic Jam:
    Image: Comming Soon
    When Raceborg is escaping from The Defenders, he hides himself in a traffic jam, but the defenders are helped by Haruki Sakamoto and his sister Yoko Sakamoto (two japanese racers, also bounty hunters)
    12 minifigures: Dax, Michael, Raceborg, Haruki Sakamoto, Yoko Sakamoto, 1 alien citizen, 3 human citizens, 1 Blue Roboracer, 1 Roboracer 2.0 and a bus driver
    2 Ligthcycles

    ????? Dax's Service Station:
    Image: Comming Soon
    Before The Defenders, Dax had worked in a service station with his sister Janet. One of his best customers was James. One Day Snaker and Victor appered and challenged Dax to a Race.
    5 minifigures: Dax (Pre-Defender), Janet (Pre-Defender), James (Pre-Defender), Snaker and Victor

    ????? Joe's Pizzeria:
    Image: Comming Soon
    When The Defenders aren't working, they going to joes pizza for lunch in their free time.
    9 minifigures: Matt, Amanda, Janet, James, Pinky (as a Defender), Dan, Dash, Joe and Steve.

    More sets comming soon

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    The lightcycles are a little subtheme of Race City, also a game. The vehicles are the Speedorz of Legends of Chima but with new decals and new plataforms, also the rules of this game are different.
    1) Use your pieces to build 4 different challenges (also you can customize your own challenge)
    2) Choose four power-up cards, you can use only one per turn (The power ups are like a jet engine, a weapon, etc)
    3) Build the lightcycle and choose your character and one power up card to add to the vehicle
    4) Build your power up and add it on the lightcycle
    5) Start racing
    6) The player who win more challenges win the game

    ????? Street Challenge:
    Image: http://mantor98741.deviantart.com/art/Race-City-Ligthcycles-Street-Challenge-359692514
    Snaker challenged James to cross the finish line in a Tower in costruction
    2 Minifigures: Snaker and James
    2 Lightcycles
    10 Power-up cards
    10 Power-ups

    ????? Jungle Snakepit:
    Image: http://mantor98741.deviantart.com/art/Race-City-Lightcycles-Jungle-Snakepit-362553357
    Raceborg had traveled to a jungle wich is infested of snakes to fin a mysterious power which could help the Nigth Racers.
    1 Minifigure: Raceborg
    1 Ligthcycle
    5 Power-up cards
    5 Power-ups

    More sets comming soon

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    Race City Origins:
    This is a subtheme of Race City which is placed in the year 2013 when Rocket Racer and Veronica Voltage founded Race City

    NOTE: Some characters are a tribute to the videogames Lego Racers, Lego Racers 2 and Lego Stunt Rally
    Rocket Racer: The world champion in racers tournaments, Race City Founder

    Veronica Voltage: Rocket's girlfriend, also a Co-founder of Race City

    Brad Speedo: Rocket's apprentice, he is not very smart and he loves chewing bubble gum

    Sparky: He is the owner of a service workshop in Race City, his best customer is Rocket Racer

    Barron Flambo: He is an oil tycoon who always has an evil smirk on his face.

    Dimitri: Rocket's rival number 1. He wants to defeat him in a tournament and become the world champion.

    Gideon: Rocket's rival number 2. He is the owner of a car company called G-Motors. Once time he had a crush on Veronica

    Tara: Rocket's rival number 3. She was the world champion, but Rocket had defeated her and she lost her title and will do whatever it takes to get it back.

    Samuel: Gideon's big brother also a co-owner of G-Motors

    ????? Race City Motor Show:
    Image: Comming Soon
    When Rocket Racer and Veronica Voltage had builded a concept car, this is presented in the first Race City Motor Show.
    11 minifigures: Rocket Racer, Veronica Voltage, Gideon, Samuel, 2 models and 3 visitors

    More sets comming soon

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    Race City TV Series:
    Poster: http://mantor98741.deviantart.com/art/Race-City-Tv-series-poster-344046985
    This tv series is about the adventures, funny moments of the Defenders, The Night Racers, The Street Racers and the live in race city, also we can see scenes placed in Race City Origins.
    Ideal Cast:
    Bumper Robinson - Dax/Tick Tock/Brad Speedo
    Tara Strong - Amanda/Natasha/Tara
    Mackenzie Grey - Snaker/Roboracers/Gideon
    Corey Burton - Raceborg/Magma Jaw/Pittacus
    Colleen O'Shaughnessey - Pinky/Veronica Voltage
    Paul Dobson - Michael/Dax's Father
    Michael Adamthwaite - James/Ninjor/Dimitri
    Kelly Metzger - Janet/Dax's Mother
    Mark Hamill - The Race Wizard/Barron Flambo
    Scott McNeil - The Malefic One/Samuel
    Stephen Stanton - Jack/Matt
    Christopher B. Duncan - Victor/Alien Racer/Aditional Voices
    Tom Kane - Dan/Dash/Aditional Voices
    Phil LaMarr - Roboracers 2.0
    Sab Shimono - Haruki Sakamoto
    Kelly Hu - Yoko Sakamoto/Aditional voices
    More comming soon
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