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    Train : New Rolling Stock ! eg. Cattle Car

    created by scarbrick on 2012.10.30

    Main Section
    This concept is for the addition of new rolling stock / wagons to LEGO's long running train series.

    The keyword above is "new":

    Most of us know that one of the greatest features of LEGO is the long running compatibility between sets - what a fantastic thing that my children can couple a cargo wagon bought by their grandfather in the seventies with a brand new locomotive bought in 2012 or 2013.

    On that premise, I would like to propose the introduction of wagons and rolling stock - never before seen (or at least not seen in 35+ years) - in a LEGO line. (Nothing against the beautiful cabooses, hopper wagons, passenger cars and freight wagons of the past - they will be played with for many years to come!).

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    I'm also aware that this isn't the first Cuusoo project to mention rolling stock - this concept is to introduce completely new wagons to 'the line' - ones nice enough to be showpieces on their own, form part of a city theme; but not compete with existing wagons from the grey (gray) era forward.

    Co-ordination with city themes could include, for example:.
    - Cattle Car above with 'City/Farm'
    - Molten metal "torpedo" car with 'City/Mines'

    Please feel free to add any suggestions in the comments section. My thoughts so far are:
    - Milk Car
    - Molten metal "torpedo" car
    - Track tamper / Rail Mantenance unit
    - Cement wagon
    - Prison car
    - Slag Car
    - Cattle Car

    Thanks for looking.

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    Feb 2013
    Replaced pictures with ones showing decal and additional more 1x1 clips to the roof
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