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    Star Wars Fatman

    created by greatguns on 2012.11.26

    Main Section
    "Fatman" is a star ship first mentioned in the book "Deceived" by Paul S. Kemp. It is in the Old Republic timeline. It's owner, Zeerid Korr, works for "The Exchange" which is the trade of things such as illegal spices (people who run these for trade are called spice runners) or a weapons trade.

    The set would follow the schematics as shown above, 2 large circular engines and 2 slightly smaller, rectangular engines to the side of the other two, with great detail on the outside. This could be achieved by using techniques much like the ones found in the Millennium Falcon (7965).

    This set would feature:
    The Star Ship "Fatman"

    It's features would be:
    1) flick-fire missiles
    2) opening hatch (with crates nearby)
    3) opening cockpit
    4) retractable landing gear
    5) could keep crates up-right with 2x2 depressions in the ground.
    6) weapons holder (for pistols or for lightsabers)
    7) 2 top and bottom guns in the center (the cylindrical part in the middle(shown in bottom left figure above))

    Minifigures would include:
    1) Zeerid Korr^ (with 2 pistols)
    2) Aryn Leneer* (with a blue lightsaber)
    3) Ven Zallow (with a green lightsaber)

    ^Zeerid Korr; He is a human male, formerly part of the Havoc Squadron of the Republic, resided in Vulta with his disabled daughter (she was without legs) and he worked for the Exchange(see description in first paragraph), until an old friend, Jedi Aryn Leener, needed him to take her to Coruscant where she would fight Sith Lord Darth Malgus.

    * An ambitious young Jedi, Aryn Leener's strong connection of the force with her former Master, Ven Zallow, brought her to her hands and knees when she felt him die. She later found out that the notorious Sith Lord Darth Malgus was the murderer. Seeking a former brother-in-arms, she get's Zeerid Korr (AKA Z-man) to escort her to Coruscant.

    The minifigs would look like the two people shown in the picture included in the link:

    For the page on the type of star ship the "Fatman" is, is included in the link below:

    Ven Zallow, Aryn Leener's master, can be seen in the CGI Trailer "Deceived", he is the human male Darth Malgus fights at the end. "Deceived" link:
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