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    Galaxy Command - Space Pursuit

    created by reekardoo on 2012.12.16

    Main Section

    C.C.S. Gryphon
    The Void Fighter
    Wolven Fighter
    Raven Helicopter
    AMCU-7 Apollo Guard
    Wolven Tank
    T.T.V. Humming Bird
    The WISP
    light medical transport GCM
    Nebulon Cannon
    Blackfenix RU-9 Transport
    25th mobile command center
    Arthalian fighter
    RK - Thunder

    Read all about this fantastic space saga in our blog Galaxy Command Chronicles or watch the video

    Hard Core fans can really help us out by "Liking" this project on Rebrick too.

    This project, is the direct result of a collaboration between the creators Reekardoo, Kit Bricksto , and GlenBricker

    The BAT was Dr. Reekardoo's first approach to a new fighter able to match the speed of the nebulon swarm fighters. Though only slightly slower than the Void fighter, it has two deadly AM-11 shield and armour piercing Karkoff-missiles, making it as deadly as a bomber. To improve it´s skills, a new experimental alloy was mixed with the titanium metasteel and an improved external force field was placed. making it invulnerable to many enemy runs. However as its production was lengthy and in fact the enemy could still outrun this fighter, only a few hundreds were produced and handed to expert pilots among the ranks of GALAXY COMMAND. Soon after tech developments gave room for the faster WISP. Though not as powerful nor armor plated, this new starfighter proved to be the fastest vehicle in the known galaxy.

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    Nebulon air Unit

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    GALAXY COMMAND (the Movie?)

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    COMMANDER WULF – He is the highest ranked officer in the H.U.N. fleet. He was given charge of the ultimate destroyer ship ever built – the DOUBLEAXE. A medal awarded veteran from the Bug Wars, he is father to Kord, but the resemblance ends there. He is very strict concerning rules but knows when it is of advantage to break them. He is the leader of the Galaxy Command and his fellow commandos look up to him.

    VOLK – Volk is the ultimate soldier/commando with an extraordinary touch for bombs, guns, mechs and…fireworks. Despite his rudeness and lack of social skills, he is the strength element in the team. His preferred weapon when he is not in his mech, is the 66-power shotgun – as he always says – “At least I’ll always hit something with this”. Volk is also great company and always has a bad joke stored away for every situation.

    MARKA – She is the deck tactical advisor and always the voice of reason and wisdom. She serves the Galaxy Command faithfully analysing every battle situation thoroughly and providing the best route or alternative. Above that she is also a skilled warrior, trained in the old kendo sword fighting art. Nobody knows how, but she smuggled her precious silver katana to her quarters. Better not mess with her as, like Volk, she too has a bit of a temper when people do not agree with her.

    TWIST – He is the engineer of the Doubleaxe and ground vehicle designated driver. He has a profound knowledge of every single gear of the ship. He can fix anything if given the right tools and spare parts. He is also somewhat clumsy but like magic, everything turns out fixed and solved. Regardless, he is an expert tank driver. The “Armadillo” tank is where he sleeps… beds are too uncomfortable for him. Oh… and he hates flying… don’t tell him he’s on a ship.

    XYN - She was the youngest Phd in the history of H.U.N. Central University, and since then she became a prominent scientist, that lead many teams to several important discoveries, including cures and developments in the biological department. She was single picked to join the Doubleaxe crew because she is the best in her field of expertise. But don’t let yourself be fooled by her frail appearance as she received full training and is more than capable of handling herself. She is Kord’s love interest and she likes him too though they both deny it vehemently. She thinks of him as a reckless, childish and spoiled brat but can’t help herself worrying about him

    KARINA – She is also a veteran from the Bug Wars, but not nearly as old as Wulf. By that time she was quite young and joined the H.U.N. forces to seek adventure. As an expert sniper she gained recognition amongst her fellow comrades at arms and a reputation of a cold hearted operative. But she is in fact only looking for some affection, specially Volk’s who has always been a love interest although she constantly hides it behind her stern Russian accent.

    KORD – Lt. Kord is the top gun ace fighter pilot of the Galaxy Command team. There's nothing he can’t pilot as long as it has an engine and it’s supposed to fly. Though he is definately an asset, he can easily get to everybody’s nerves due to his lazy, reckless, relaxed attitude. He thinks highly of himself and always has a smug smile upon his face, except when Xyn slaps him around. Despite this, Kord is a a true warrior and a true friend, ever present when needed. Even Volk likes him as Kord says Volk’s jokes crack him up - though they obviously don’t -
    Kord ‘s love interest is Xyn, a special love-hate relationship.



    ***Commander Wulf- entry log***

    We've been cruising in FTL mode for two weeks now. Rations are getting thin. When we left Earth we thought only of our victory or oblivion. We weren't expecting a possibly lengthy campaign. Days have mainly been spent watching the deep FTL sensor probes, trying to spot any possible obstacles or planets where we can hide; that is if the Nebulons are still on our tail. We just don't know. Silence has been dominant in the bridge. Marka rarely speaks and if it weren't for Kord and Volk's bursts of laughter the Double Axe would resemble more of a tomb ship than anything else. Still I know they grieve for the ones left back on Earth and our previous encounter. Leaving my men behind weighs heavily in my heart too...
    I didn't expect Karkaroff's betrayal... He'll pay for what he has done.

    Just then, the computer made a high pitched warning sound. Marka rushed to the panel and reported.
    "Sir, forward sensors report we're heading towards a meteor field... in about 2 minutes. Disengaging FTL engines is advised".
    Commander Wulf promptly questioned: "And the Nebulons?"
    "Not a trace of them still, sir, but they could be out there."
    "Maybe that meteor field will help us lose them if they're on our trail."

    The engines stopped humming intensely, and if one thought the ship was silent before now felt utterly dumb. I guess this was the first time I really felt the emptiness of space. I felt a chill down my spine, something I hadn't felt since back the Bug Wars.

    Marka: "Sir, scanners indicate a planet in a similar orbit to Earth with life sustenance potential. We should check it for provisions or anything that might help us..."
    Wulf: "If the Nebulons aren't there I'm inclined to agree. Proceed then, Marka."

    We waited for nearly an hour. No ships appeared in that current sector. Maybe the Nebulons had given pause to the chase. Maybe they didn't even know how to track us in the first place without a spy among us. To these questions I had no answers, but I wasn't about to let down my guard even for a moment. We had to make sure. After plugging in the coordinates, Marka engaged sub-light systems and we moved towards the planet.

    Wulf: "Is this a tracked star in our galactic maps?"
    Marka: "Sir, the star is known as IP3322XX234R. As for the planet, it is unknown. We're pioneering these treks..."
    Wulf: "Call Twist from the docking bay, we'll need him in the bridge to help monitor all main systems. I don't want anything unexpected to happen and I've had too many surprises in space before..."
    Marka: "Very well... Twist to bridge...Twist?"

    ***Twist - entry log***


    Twist: "WHAT? Can't a guy get some sleep around here?"
    Marka: "Commander Wulf is calling you. He wants you in the bridge ASAP".
    Twist: “Commander Wulf? Okay, hmm…where’d I put my jacket? Ah here it is, right under the-OUCH! Blasted metal shielding with its super thick alloys and---"
    Marka: “Twist…"
    Twist: “Sorry. I’ll be there ASAP. Just a minute or so while I put on my jacket.”

    Maybe sleeping in the armadillo wasn't the best of choices, but I had always been used to sleeping in small chambers.That however is a whole other story. It was a better choice than having to put up with Volk snoring.

    With the commando's quarters almost empty, the echo of his snoring was unbearable except to Kord who always “slept” with headphones blaring rock music in max volume. I for one prefer the silence of machines. No wonder I became a systems engineer commando.

    But let me pull myself together. Commander Wulf asked for my presence in the bridge. He and Marka are probably getting overwhelmed with all the bleeps. No wonder. The bridge was made to be manned by a minimum of 12 officers. The entire crew was less than that and not qualified or even slightly prepared to steer the Double Axe. Wulf, Marka, maybe Kord as an expert pilot, and me had some essential skills, but all the others were specialized in other fields. Best hurry it up, I notice we aren’t in FTL anymore.

    Marka: "You sure took your sweet time Twist.".
    Twist: "Well I’m sorry, but people were crowding the hallways.”
    Marka: "Very cute, wise guy, we need your help managing a high orbit around a planet we're going to explore."
    Twist: "Is that wise, I mean with the Nebulons out there and all?"
    Wulf: "Yes, it is a risk, but they appear not to have followed us and if we don't start finding something that will help us against the Nebulons then we really don't have a mission. I for one have no intention of going back home unless we have something to save it with.”

    Wulf's stern expression had always been an inspiration and even in such dire conditions he always managed to exalt us even with the smallest of sentences or just mere fierce determination in his eyes. I abandoned all of my reluctance and sat in one of the pilot's seats.

    Twist: "Aye, aye, sir. Are we going toward the yellow star in the middle of this solar system?” Wulf: "That's where we're going. Hit the commands and take us there."
    Twist: "Sir, I refuse to hit the commands. They might resent it. I know they are a part of a machine, but it might have feelings and hitting it might make it cry. Hitting a command didn’t help me in engineering school and it’s sure not going to help us..."
    Wulf: "TWWWWIIIIIIST!!!!!"
    Twist:"Yes ... sir?"
    Wulf: "Just take us there."
    Twist: "Oh you meant.... sorry Sir..."

    ***Xyn - entry log***

    I've been spending most of my time in the lab as there is not much else to do except watch my experiments. Kord has managed to hurt himself almost every day and always finds his way here asking me for medicine. The other day he came in complaining about his left elbow. I treated his right one by mistake and he left cheerfully without even noticing it. It is nice to have him around though. He manages to stay cheerful and joyful despite most of us having a tear in the corner of our eyes. I know he is childish and my sensibility urges me to slap him around every time he comes here behaving like a drama queen and acting hurt, but I know he’s trying to be cheerful to lighten up the mood. He does that with everyone, and I can't help but enjoy it. Yes... it has been nice to spend time with him. I hope he feels the same...

    Karina is also a good friend, but far too much a commando. I think she enjoys the time spent kicking Volk's butt at the fire range more than when we see each other in the mess hall. I don’t see that much of Volk though. He’s normally off waxing his mech or-

    "All hands to the bridge!" "All hands to the bridge!"

    I left the lab in a hurry. Finally something was going to happen.

    ***Kord - entry log ***


    Kord: “OW!”
    Volk: "What's up kiddo? Bad dreams?"
    I glared at Volk as I took off my blaring headphones and said, "Funny Volk. The ship’s FTL engines are off. I'm guessing they' be calling us soon."
    Volk: "Way ahead of you, I've even made preparations."
    Kord: "Huh?"
    Volk: "A mecha race to the bridge"
    Kord: "Are you crazy, what if my father finds out?!?"
    Volk: "He doesn't have to know, does he?”

    That’s it. Volk has gone crazy. A mecha race? To the bridge? Sure it would be a far faster and funnier trip than using the monorail transport elevators, but it isn’t like my father won’t hear about the race sooner or later on a ship this small. Last thing I need is him giving me a speech. Though I could always get out of hearing his reprimand by faking an injury and go to Xyn to get it fixed. Xyn...all seems so banal these days except for the moments I spend with her. I can’t let myself get down though. We have to keep going...

    "Let's do it.”

    Not soon after we met Karina staring at us in disbelief

    Karina: "Are you crazy? I could hear you clanking down the hallways for three minutes. It’s been driving me nuts hearing that sound. A simple walk to the bridge? No, you won’t have that will you? Everything has to be fun.”
    Kord: “We were just having a race. The ship is entirely at our disposal and we thought we could have some fun."
    Karina: "I doubt your father would agree with that."
    Kord: “You aren’t going to tell him are you?”
    Karina smirked and replied, “Not if Volk gives me a lift.”
    Volk smirked for a second and said, “Jump in and make yourself comfortable.”

    ***Marka - entry log***

    The crew assembled within 10 minutes of the warning message. Still don't know why there were two mechas outside the bridge but more pressing matters were of concern.

    “Fellow commandos. We're going on a mission to explore a planet for resources. The Nebulons aren't nearby and we think we might have lost them. We are beginning a new phase of our ultimate mission: to find allies or technology to help us restore freedom to Earth. Xyn, you will lead as head scientist and will command the operations on the ground. You will take Karina, Volk, and Kord with you for protection and vehicle maneuverings. Should you find food, bring it back for analysis as our storages are depleting. Our scanners have spotted a few life forms, but nothing of significant threat. Tech and allies, though being our main goal, probably won't be found here. Commander Wulf, however, does think we must start somewhere, so why not here? Don't remove the helmets until the atmosphere is reported safe. The Double Axe will remain in orbit and you will use the Gryphon to make landfall.”

    The designated team was ready in less than an hour. Something exciting was happening for the first time in two weeks. Kord was finally going to officially pilot the famous BIG BIRD. The Gryphon was one of his favorite crafts in flight school but his flight test score was so high that he was appointed a WISP marksman pilot. Volk placed his custom mech in the cargo bay to be transported down to the planet. Xyn carried all kinds of scientific stuff. Karina only needed her ultralight riffle.

    ”They're now entering low orbit,” I said as I watched the ship head evermore towards the planet.
    “We'll lose contact with them once they enter the atmosphere.”
    Wulf looked out the window to and said, “I hope all goes well.”
    Twist ruined the emotional intensity of the moment when he loudly screamed, “ALARM!!!” Marka: “What is it Twist?”
    Twist: "Nebulon Destroyer just entered the sector out of nowhere!!!"
    Wulf: "Have they noticed us?"
    Twist: “I don’t think so sir…”
    Wulf:“Then we still have a chance. Twist take the commands. We're landing the Double Axe on the other side of the planet.”
    Twist: “WHAAATT? We can't land it! It wasn't made to land…was it?"
    Wulf: “Only in an emergency protocol.”
    Marka: “Sir, are you sure? It was only tested in a controlled exercise."
    Wulf: “We can't run forever. Maybe this way we'll lose them once and for all. Grab on to your seats. We're going in.”
    Marka: “And the others?”
    Wulf: “Once we are down there we'll join them. They will have to do without us for a couple of hours.”


    The three commandos put on their helmets, took a seat, and tightened up their belts. The Double Axe’s incline was front towards the yellow planet. The temperature began to rise and some ship systems began failing. Sub generators kicked in and the bridge turned red with emergency lights. The metal began complaining in a screeching manner and for a moment all seemed lost. But then the redness gave room to a bright blue. The main screen showed a planet where the yellow golden sand and a clear blue sky met in perfection.

    “Sir,” said Twist, “the ship's system are overheating. We have to shut down and land now for repairs.” Wulf looked straight at Twist and replied, “Is there time to reach the other side of the planet and the others?”
    Twist: “If we don't land now, we’ll crash sir.”
    Marka looked at Wulf for a second, each of them showing concern through their expressions for the mission team.
    Wulf reluctantly said, “They’ll have to survive without us for now.”


    Kord: “Hey guys, I'm getting no response from the Double Axe. Maybe the atmosphere is denser then what we thought. Comm is out for the time being.”
    Karina: “Better stay concentrated on the mission. I'm sure we'll have the commlink get through at any moment. Just find a good spot to land in the designated target area.”
    Kord: “Ok, I'll land in that plain area in that small valley.”

    Kord landed the Gryphon with ease, then went to the back where Volk, Karina, and Xyn were waiting.

    Volk: "Okay guys, I'm going outside and secure the area”
    Kord: “Sensors show no life forms.”
    Volk: “So?”
    Xyn: “I’m sure it’s safe to go out.”
    Volk:"Kord, you guard the ship. I'm going first."

    Volk’s voice soon after came through the comm, “The area is secure. Atmosphere is breathable, though it smells sort of like Kord’s socks.”

    The team slowly began exploring the area but Kord was getting anxious. “Man, I'm bored here,” he said to Volk. “Can I join you? I want to feel the sand under my feet.” Xyn, looking at what she had to unload next, said, “I’m almost done here. I guess there's no harm in you catching up with us if you can bring me the rest of my stuff .”

    As soon as Kord left the ship however, the ground began trembling and strange creatures rose from the ground. At the same time, similar creatures appeared out of nowhere as if they were invisible and suddenly decided to manifest. Half robotic, half scorpion ... six legged creatures assumed tactical positions in a menacing posture.

    Volk checked the ammo supply on his mech and asked, “Do I begin shooting now?”
    “I don't think that will do us much,” Kord observed. “We're surrounded! Karina, are these Bugs?”
    Karina looked at the creatures for a second and replied, “If they are I have never seen the likes of these.”
    Xyn looked at Kord and said, “I'm afraid.”
    “So am I,” Kord said nervously. “So am I.”


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