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    The Play Well Game Show - (TV series)

    created by jimmygiggle on 2013.07.10

    Main Section
    -LEGO Game Show-
    This project idea is for something long-needed on our television screens- a LEGO game show.

    It has long been a goal of mine to create a game show and after many variations, and attempts, I have finally come up with a show based around our favourite building bricks.

    The show would be aimed at a Family audience, given it's broad appeal to adults and children alike, so would want to contain a variety of games that are playable and a challenge for all ages.

    Please note: The MOC TV-Studio set featured above is only a MOC as this project is for a TV Series not a Lego set.

    Most game shows have 3 rounds then a final round- this would be no exception to keep it's format as traditional as possible whilst the games are out-of-the-box. The format would be for 30 minute episodes, 23 with ads included.

    The selection of games I have invented/tweaked for this game show involve LEGO bricks of varying sizes. Some will require regular LEGO - others will require giant replicas made of foam or plastic.

    The game ideas include;
    Mega-Figures - Each Contestant picks a Card with a random CMF on it, then Contestants jump into a pool of giant, foam Minifigure pieces with 1 minute to find the pieces of their Minifig and construct it before the buzzer.

    DuploCITY - Contestants have 3 minutes to compete to build the tallest Duplo Tower they can within 1 minute using pieces from a giant tub. Within the tub, 1 piece with a Giant Fan printed on it. If a contestant finds this piece they are allowed to switch on a giant fan for 3secs to try to knock down their opponents tower- or they may chose not to and use it to build instead. The winner of the round will be the tallest tower. Other special obstacle-pieces could be a Duplo block with a Knocking-Ball, or one with a 5second Time-Out.

    Ninjaggle- Contestants will be given their own bucket of Lego bricks with Letters printed on them. In the 1 minute alloted time, the players must spell out the names of as many Ninjago characters as possible.

    Bioniclues - 10 x Questions based on the Bionicle and Hero Factory themes. - I guess the above MOC could be an example of how that would look.

    Turn-Unstables - Contestants must run across a a series of spinning turn-tables to collect the Golden Lego Pieces at the end. They are only allowed to collect 1 piece at a time and the players will be awarded points based on fastest time to longest. Eg. 15pts for the quickest, 3pts for the longest.

    Mini-Figure-Golf - A Lego variation of Mini-Golf. Players compete to putt the large Minifigure-Head into the hole in the shortest amount of tries. The odd-shaped Minifigure head will make for a challenging round for players, whilst not being mentally, or physically strenuous.

    These games are only a starting off point and will fill in new ones as I imagine them. We will also attempt to build set examples of how these games would look and post photos as they're completed.

    My proposal includes the suggestion of a Stand-Up comedian, perhaps someone whose "Star" is on the rise but has experience working with children as well as credibility in "Pop Culture". Some names I would suggest are- Chris Hardwick, Rove McManus, or even an up-and-comer like British comedian Tiernan Douieb. These three names are only a starting off point and to gain an idea of the type of host the show would need. The use of a family-friendly stand-up as host would be to create a hilarious, and fun show for all to enjoy. Judging by the Lego video games, and even some sets, the company has a great sense of Humour so this would only be a natural fit, as opposed to someone from a traditional/serious TV background.

    I hope you dig my idea, if done right, this could be a unique and fun addition to the world of Construction.
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