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    Avengers: Iron Man Mark VII Armor

    created by mmccooey on 2012.12.22

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    With my Spider-Man being such a hit I felt like I had to try and top myself, and go even bigger! I got a lot of commentary regarding what character I should do next. A lot of Captain Americas, Hulks , and Iron Mans were suggested, all of which seemed like perfect additions to my growing superhero roster, than I thought, why not do the entire team from this summer’s THE AVENGERS?! It was quite possibly one of the best movies I have seen (I referred to it as my generation’s Star Wars) So why not do THE HULK, HAWKEYE, BLACK WIDOW, CAPTAIN AMERICA, THOR, and of course IRON MAN? So biting off way more than I could chew I set out to work on all Six simultaneously, which was great for purchasing lots of parts on brick link, was also terrible for my workflow, so I started focusing on the individual members of the team in the hopes to get something done before the Apocalypse. I started with Iron man because he was the first Avenger to appear on screen. Also there have been many IRON MAN MOCS around, everyone from ARVO, to Scott Snyder to John Fink Have all done him justice, so it was my goal to make this version of Iron Man uniquely my own, by giving him features and functionality not yet seen.

    -He has many of the advanced joint constructions I incorporated into Spider-Man, though not quite as flexible (he is a guy in a big metal suit as apposed to a man with spider-like agility and a red and blue uni-tard after all) He still ends up with more articulation due to his having 5 fingers on each hand and the various gadgets he is adorned with. Totaling at well over 50 points of articulation!!!

    Generally speaking I tried to include every unique feature I saw in the movies to make this Iron Man as deluxe and true to the film as possible.

    -6 Independent Light Bricks one In his head, one in his chest, one in each hand and one in each foot. All activated by a button press.

    -Each arm has a forearm mounted anti-tank missile launchers

    -The top of each gauntlet has dual pop-up wrist mounted lasers

    -Each trapezius mounted armor opens to reveal a silo full of anti-personnel missile.

    -His thighs also have air to ground missile batteries

    -Dual hip mounted anti-missile flares

    -Upper Shoulder and back ailerons

    -Rear mounted secondary propulsion high altitude jets

    Want to give a huge thank you to all of you have supported me by liking or commenting on my MOCs, supporting my projects on Cuusoo, and posting it on your blogs and websites whether big or small was a huge help to me, and I can’t thank you enough!

    Check out lots of additional pics at Flickr and MocPages

    Moc Pages

    Pleased to announce That I have partnered with GlenBricker on this and all of my other projects. Glen is a Cuusoo, marketing, and social media wiz, who will help me take these projects to the next Level! Please Join me in welcoming Glen to the project!
    His Site

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    Some of his gadgets in action.

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    A few more glamour shots.
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