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    Sandpeople Patrol

    created by Daiman on 2013.01.07

    Main Section
    In a canyon just off the coastline of The Dune Sea , Luke Skywalker comes across a Patrol of Tusken Raiders (Sandpeople) while looking for his droid Artoo Deetoo.

    This set hails the long overdue return of the Sandpeople only this time they have brought a friend.
    The Bantha has been a favorite of Star Wars fans since they first appeared and captured the imagination of people due to the realistic rendition by the Lucasfilm creature shop.

    For the lego realization I have included 2 Sandpeople with a new head piece based on that of recent Darth Maul sets, Luke Skywalker (farmer) and R2D2.
    The set also comes with a rocky ridge and a Moisture Vaporator to set the scene.

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    The Bantha design is based around a central 'brick' that has legs attached and a semi solid shell which depicts the main features of the creature.
    The horns are separate and could rotate to allow slight variation in the case of purchasing multiple sets.
    The Bantha tail is straight from the previous lego animal sets with the addition of a new end piece to finish it off.
    The blanket saddle is part of the mold but the side tent pole bags can be removed and changed to use the model for someone other than a Tusken.

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    An alternative design after chatting with some fellow MOCers over at Eurobricks who while appreciating the concept thought the Bantha a little too cartoony.
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