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    Iron Man Hall of Armor

    created by rustyj on 2013.01.28

    Main Section
    5/29: version 3.0 of the bays! I'm pretty happy with it! Keep the votes coming in!

    5/7: IM3 had a huge weekend, and we gained some votes! I'm working on another redesign update. My latest thinking is adding a build-a-figure concept to Lego. With each bay and armor you will receive a piece of an exclusive Tony Stark figure. Collect the set and get a very cool figure that you can build yourself and find nowhere else! Stay tuned-

    5/3: IRON MAN 3 opening weekend! Let's keep the support coming! Thanks.

    4/27: added new custom suit image!

    4/10: 325 puts us right at about 1/30th of the way there! Hoping for big things with Iron Man 3 just around the corner!

    3/21: Just hit 250! Now we're 1/40th of the way there! Creeping ever closer! Thanks.

    3/14: Updated image and design of armor bays. More detailed and 'screen accurate' . Hope you like them, and continue sending votes my way! Thanks.

    3/9: Just hit 200!!! That's 1/50th of the way there! Just received my Iron Man 3 suits of armor, waiting for bricks to update images!

    Project just reached 100!! That's 1/100th of the way there! Let's keep it moving!

    As Tony Stark continues to reinvent his Iron Man suit, he keeps adding to his hall of armor! And with the upcoming Iron Man 3- at least 1 or 2 more designs are to be revealed. His Hall of Armor would be a great way to collect all the suits of armor as well as have a great display once assembled. The could be sold in 2 packs- with a suit of armor and a display 'bay'. Another option would be to sell them as a complete set with an exclusive Bonus Tony Stark minifig! I can't wait to add them to my collection!!

    Updated pic with additional suit 1-30

    Added Section 1

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    Here's the original bay design with custom suits!

    Added Section 2

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    Added new custom suit design-
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