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    created by LotharMichel on 2013.01.29

    Main Section

    In German - Technisches Hilfswerk
    International - German Federal Agency For Technical Relief

    The Federal Agency for Technical Relief, (THW) is a civil protection organisation controlled by the German federal government. 99% of its 83,807 members

    The THW is stationed all over Germany in 668 local chapters, called Ortsverbände. Some 80,000 people are active in this organisation including about 15,000 young volunteers (members of the THW-Jugend). The majority of those are volunteers, while about 800 work full-time in its administration. Each local chapter (Ortsverband) maintains one or more Technische Züge (technical platoons), each consisting of one Zugtrupp (command squad), comprising four volunteers, two Bergungsgruppen (rescue units) comprising nine (first unit) to twelve (second unit) volunteers, and one to three Fachgruppen (Technical Units), comprising four to eighteen volunteers.

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    The main type of THW unit (about two out of three) is one of two Bergungsgruppe (1st and 2nd Rescue Groups), equipped with heavy tools like hydraulic cutting devices, chain saws, and pneumatic hammers. Their Vehicles are the Gerätekraftwagen 1 (GKW 1) for the 1st Rescue Group and the Mehrzweckkraftwagen (MzKW) or the older Gerätekraftwagen 2 (GKW 2) - which is scheduled to phased out - is for the 2nd Rescue Group.

    The Fachgruppen (Technical Units) include:

    Infrastruktur (Infrastructure),
    Räumen (Debris Clearance),
    Sprengen (Demolition/Blasting),
    Elektroversorgung (Electricity Supply),
    Beleuchtung (Illumination),
    Wasserschaden / Pumpen (Water Damage / Pumps),
    Wassergefahren (Water Hazards),
    Logistik (Logistics),
    Ölschaden (Oil Pollution),
    Trinkwasserversorgung (Water Supply and Treatment),
    Brückenbau (Bridge Building),
    Führung und Kommunikation (Command, Control and Communication), and
    Ortung (Search and Detection).

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    Technical Threat Prevention

    Search and rescue, and salvage
    Clearing and blasting
    Water Rescue
    Combat flooding and inundation
    Area Lighting

    Infrastructure Technical Support

    Electric supply
    Drinking water supply
    Waste water disposal
    Emergency Bridge work

    Command and Communication, Logistics

    Command center Establishment and operation
    Command support
    Creation of temporary telecommunication systems
    Establishment and operation of logistic bases
    Catering and care of operational staff
    Maintenance of material, repair and maintenance work for mission equipment
    Transportation of consumer goods for mission demands

    Technical Support in the Protection of the Environment

    Fight against oil damage
    Water analysis

    Provision of the Population

    Electricity and drinking water provision
    Waste water disposal
    Establishment and equipment of emergency accommodation and collecting points with matching infrastructure

    Technical Support

    Technical help on traffic routes
    Rescue from heights
    Makeshift road works
    Maintenance of civil protection facilities such as emergency wells and shelters

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    UPDATE 12.07.2013
    NOW in Real !!!!
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