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    Club Penguin

    created by PufflePal on 2013.01.31

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    Gained 500 supporters - 12/31/13
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    Twitter account launched @LEGOCP - 2/25/14

    This project is part of the Ninja Network, founded by Puffle Pal26 (Green Ninja) in order to make the community a better place with quite a few awesome creative projects. Find out more: cpninjanetwork.weebly.com

    Club Penguin was founded in 2005 by 3 fathers wanting to make a safe online world for their kids to play in. In 2007, this global phenomenon was bought by Disney for millions of dollars. Ever since, Club Penguin has grown, and grown, and grown. Disney have really helped Club Penguin expand. If you want to find out more about Club Penguin's history click here, or visit the Club Penguin Wiki. CP has lots of merchandise, plush puffles and penguins, igloo playsets, even giant puffle beanbags! But there's one item which isn't in CP's mass collection of merchandise in their gorgeous office in Kelowna, that's LEGO. We've received lots of support from the Club Penguin community on our projects, even some from the Club Penguin team!

    We, TeamCP, present to you, the Club Penguin project, here with a model of the Town Cente. The model is made up of exactly 3,617 pieces, but it would have to be made smaller if it were to become a set. Puffles are fluffy ball-shaped creatures native to the island, and four (green, brown, blue, and pink) would be included in the proposed set. Additional minifigures also included are two regular penguins, aqua and purple, DJ Cadence, Gary, Aunt Arctic, Coffee Barista, and Clothes Shop Owner.

    We care very much for our supporters. That is why we will have special parties on Club Penguin, every once in a while, and maybe release a new project or two! We just one thing we need all of you to do in return... spread the word on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. and let your friends know! The more people that support the idea, the more chances LEGO Club Penguin could become a reality. Also, make sure to tweet Club Penguin staff members @ClubPenguin @PoloField, @Ninjachat3, @Daffodaily5, and @SpikeHikeCP about the idea!

    Yup, that’s all you have to do! It’s as easy as one-two-three. Remember: the more supports the higher the chances this might become a reality! So make sure to let your friends know and support the idea. Together, we can make LEGO Club Penguin sets a reality! So get out there, support, tweet, YouTube, blog, post on fansites, do anything you can do to make the Club Penguin community proud and get us a real set! Tweet using hashtag #LEGOCP!

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    And as Billybob would say... Waddle On!
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