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    The Cuusoo Zoo

    created by jimmygiggle on 2013.02.25

    Main Section
    Lego City - ZOOFARI.

    A modular zoo for the City range.

    Each enclosure is part of a versatile system which can connect in various ways to make your own City Zoo!
    The idea is for around 5 enclosures of 150-250 pieces each with a small section of path to connect each in different ways, as well as a small printed piece related to that enclosure's animal.

    The LEGO animals already produced that could be used are;
    Bear - See photo 5.
    Polar Bear
    Camel - See photo 4.
    Shark - See photo 4.
    Ostrich - See photo 3.
    Gorilla (Gorilla Suit Guy from Collectible Minifigures) - See photo 5.
    Monkey (From Pirate theme and Collectible Minifigures)
    Zebra (Painted Horse)
    Scorpion - See photo 2.
    Snake - See photo 2.
    Turtle - See photo 4.
    Spider - See photo 2.
    Tiger (Tygurah from Orient Expedition)
    Hyena (Painted Warg)
    Manta Ray

    Above is a prototype for our Cuusoo Zoo Entrance and Butterfly House.
    Below is a prototype for a Reptile House.

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    Minifigures could be;
    Zoo keepers - 1 in each Enclosure set.
    Suited Mascots - in larger sets (Lizard Suit and Gorilla Suit Guy).
    Random City visitors - 2 in each set.
    Zoo employees - Janitor, Ice Cream salesman, Ticket seller.

    The photograph below shows a prototype for an Ostrich Enclosure.

    Other Set ideas could be;
    1. Entrance with Meerkat Cafe - small entrance building with outdoor cafe and Meerkat enclosure. See picture 1 - Meerkat Cafe not included in prototype.
    2. Butterfly House - Exotic coloured plants and Butterflies. - Added 22nd Aug 2013: http://www.flickr.com/photos/adventuresinlego/9561215699/in/photostream/ - See picture 1
    3. Carnivore Carnival - Medium sized Lion enclosure with small seating area, with inside the enclosure: a Hoop and Stand for a Lion Show.
    4. Giraffe Nursery - A Mother Giraffe has just given birth! Could come with exclusive Zoo Veterinarian minifigure.
    5. Feeding Time - A Bear is fed yummy Fish by a small stream. See picture 5.
    6. Camel Rides - A small >100 piece set, Minifigs include 2 Children, 1 Parent and 1 Camel caretaker. Each camel could have a specially designed saddle. Comes with Palm tree. See picture 4.
    7. Gorilla Island - A Gorilla Mother and Daughter on a hill, surrounded by a moat of water. Could include a truck tyre for play.
    8. Aquatica - See picture 4.
    9. Elephant Pond - An Elephant swimming and playing with a ball while visitors take photos.
    10. Reptile House - As shown in picture 2.
    11. Ostrich Enclosure - See picture 3.
    12. Zoofari Train: http://www.flickr.com/photos/adventuresinlego/9182361679/in/photostream/#
    13. Zoo Kiosk: http://www.flickr.com/photos/adventuresinlego/9063554380/

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    For other angled photos of the above 3 prototypes, please see my Lego Zoo Flickr Set http://www.flickr.com/photos/adventuresinlego/sets/72157632825573810/with/8622087368/

    Update: 6th April 2013 - More pics of the Aquarium posted on Flickr.
    Update: 20th May 2013 - Added Gorilla Island section
    Update: 22nd Aug 2013 - Added Butterfly House prototype

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    Above: The left prototype- Aquatica, is our latest prototype. The Aquarium glass dome is the helmet piece from the Toy Story Construct-a-Buzz set and fits perfectly with the archway above it.

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