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    Pokemon: Rayquaza

    created by MatthewRC on 2013.07.24

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    Behold! Rayquaza, the Sky-High Pokémon! This Pokémon is one of the most popular Hoenn region Pokémon. It was featured as the mascot of Pokémon Emerald Version and appeared as a video game boss in Super Smash Bros Brawl, as well as being one of the stars of the Pokémon movie "Destiny Deoxys." It is also one of my favorite Pokémon as well.

    This articulated Rayquaza display model has a total of eleven body part sections: The head, the neck, the torso & arms, the seven sections that make up the body, and the tip of its tail.

    Did you know that you can connect almost any piece with a clip and a 2-fingered female hinge plate together? I tried it and it actually works! This technique used on Rayquaza's head connects that head with the horns, as well a its arms on the torso section.

    The torso & arms section consists of two rudder wings, a green body section with black markings, and two arms made up green tiles, black 1x1 clip plates, green plates, black hinge cylinders, green Technic axle connectors with cross-shaped holes, small white claws, and light gray Technic axle connectors with three axles.

    The body part sections are connected using ball joint cups from Marvel & DC Universe Superheroes Ultrabuilds from 2012. Its yellow rings on its body are yellow 2x2 round tiles with a large green circle in the center. I made the rudder wings on its body from various LEGO pieces such as slopes, bricks, and tiles.

    The tip of its tail is a hinge connection with the second-to-last tail section. I made the tail tip with a green 1x1 cone piece, two green inverted slopes, and red tiles.

    If you love Pokémon, feel free to spread the word and help me make this idea a reality! If you have an account for a Pokémon or LEGO fan-forum, spread the word on there! Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are even options as well.

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