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    World Trade Center (Architecture Style)

    created by Kirk on 2013.02.27

    Main Section
    Even if there were already some submissions of the World Trade Center (WTC) I would like to introduce my one. The model is based on an 8x8 studs vignette (12x12 incl. the black frame). Because it is built entirely of common parts (up to 171 as shown here, but could be optimized for less) and basic colors it should be very cheap to produce. According to the current Pick-a-Brick prices it can be easily done for 19,99 Euros (as the Willis Tower or the Empire State Building), but I think it could be done even cheaper.

    Since I have never been on site I used Wikipedia and some other internet ressources to build the model. It contains the buildings WTC1 up to WTC6. There has been an additional building WTC7 that would follow on the right side of the picture. May be the production version could add it on an 8x10 base plate. (I prefer 8x8 so I decided to exclude this building)

    I understand that the WTC is a very emotional building for all of us who remember the sad day of 9/11, but I would like my model to be recognized as some kind of memorial to this great building. So please to not ask for 'add ons' such as planes, fire or similar stuff.

    Thanks for reading and please don't forget to support this project!

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