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    Country Hardware Store

    created by lightning51 on 2013.03.06

    Main Section
    This is not your typical hardware store and from the construction you can see's built on a technic framework. The use of SNOT for the walls and roof makes this one of my strongest structures ever plus one of the most original designs too. Like have you ever seen technic as a building material before except when it comes to machinery or vehicles ?

    This structure is based on one's you can find in Canada, CO-OP Agro Centres as they are called are farmers hardware stores that also sell machinery attachments, spare parts, storage tanks and silos.
    Card-lock fuel pumps as well.

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    The rear of the building shows all the merchandise....a little cramp in parts but these kind of stores always are.
    Drums of oil, drive belts hanging, a new chain saw and beneath it irrigation parts (valves, floats, taps, etc..,).

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    Another view of the rear, tool rack and counter design can be seen here. Tiled floor and suspended light from the rafter above the shop floor.

    This wouldn't be the cheapest designs due to the high number of tiles, most likely around 50 dollars US.

    I have only included a staff member minifig, but addition of farming customers would of course bump the price up again.

    If you like this, support it if you wish......thank you for looking.

    Update - I have share the images of this project with CO-OP in Canada via Facebook.
    Their response follows.....
    CO-OP CRS 7:33am Mar 13
    This is incredible!

    Thank you for sharing this with us.
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