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    Slotcar TankTruck 3180

    created by BrickSlotCar on 2013.03.10

    Main Section
    My idea: A Lego-truck to use it on Carrera Evolution race track

    Necessary things needed to build?

    First, I looked at Lego Stores, Legoland Günsburg, and several other shops to find a Lego kit. The Lego kit needed to have a size that was near a scale of 1:32.
    I found the Lego City Airport Kit “3180 Tank Truck”.
    Now I built the kit and measured primarily the axle width and wheelbase and it looked great.

    At the second step, I looked for a suitable slot car chassis and found a used one.
    A Carrera 27323 Ferrari F10 "F. Alonso" model with a damaged body. Perfect.

    The third step was to design the framework between the Carrera chassis and the Lego bricks. A little bit difficult because the e-motor must be between two rows of bricks. The dimensions required to exchange the control board into a smaller one.
    Now I connected the parts: The frame, the cab of the Lego kit, some other Lego bricks and the Carrera chassis.
    And at the end, a Lego Slot car Truck was built which is now running along the Carrera race track!

    Tractor Length: 160 mm (6,3 inches)
    Tractor Width, rear axle: 65 mm (2,56 inches)
    Trailer Length: 196 mm (7,72 inches) Original such as the kit
    Overall Length: 310 mm (12,20 inches)
    Cab Height: 7,6 mm (0,3 inches)
    Trailer Height: 7,6 mm (0,3 inches)

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