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    New Theme: Micro City

    created by MTG1992 on 2013.03.19

    Main Section
    I think LEGO could create a product theme called Micro City.

    This theme could be devided in some sub-themes:
    Micro City - Skyscrapers
    Micro City - Buildings
    Micro City - Infrastructure
    Micro City - Vehicles
    Micro City - Landscape

    And some special themes:
    Micro City - Emergency Services
    Micro City - Construction
    Micro City - Port
    Micro City - Airport

    'Micro City - Skyscrapers' would be the first subcategory to sell and the others will follow later.

    In the screenshot you can see some skyscrapers I made for this Micro City series.
    These buildings will get nice looking base plates later, while I'm still working on them.

    - Beacuse of the high number of pieces and the high price of the Micro City - Skyscraper Series (up to 12.000 pieces in the 'Big Twins' set) I would recommend these sets to advanced builders. Other sets could be used by starting builders as well.
    - Expert builders could build in some lights to give the buildings an even nicer look in the dark.
    - I estimate the price in a range of 50-250 Euros for the skyscrapers and 25-50 Euros for the smaller buildings and other sets.

    The scale of the skyscrapers is 2 plates equals 1 floor. Let's say 2 plates are 6 millimeters in height, so a 100 floor building would be about 60 centimeters high. This scale is used by some other builders as you can see here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/37034043@N07/6109807476

    The scale of smaller buildings will be 4 plates equals 1 floor like this: http://www.flickr.com/photos/59481634@N00/4199403964

    The scale of vehicles would be this:

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    All skyscrapers that I have designed on a row from low to high. More skyscrapers like this and smaller ones will follow in the future.

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    Left: Detail screenshot of the top from the towers in the 'Big Twins' set.
    Right: Overview of the 'Big Twins' set. I just started working on the park at the left side. The set is build on six 48x48 baseplates and the top reaches up to 115 centimeters.

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    Close up to the plaza. The trees will get replaced by the ones you might know from LEGO Micro Square: http://cdn.thebrickblogger.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/LEGO-Micro-Trees.jpg
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