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    The Nether - Minecraft

    created by gueltron on 2013.04.17

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    All proceeds (1% of sales) will be donated to charity to help children!

    Disclaimer regarding upcoming LEGO Minecraft The Nether playset:

    This project along with many others on Cuusoo were conceived and posted before LEGO un-officially announced two new LEGO playsets set in the Minecraft world including a Nether set.

    In no way is LEGO's decision to capitalize on a hot market trend and develop a new product considered stealing ideas from Cuusoo users. I am sure LEGO has safeguards in place to prevent such things and if it's truly a good idea, more than one person is going to dream it up.

    In full realization that the official LEGO Minecraft Nether playset will likely go to market before this project reaches 10,000 votes, I will leave this project here for Cuusoo users to vote and comment on should LEGO ever decide to redesign its approach to Minecraft The Nether.

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    Explore caves, battle enemies, and harvest resources. Be careful not to fall into the lava!

    Support history:

    2013.04.17 - 1 supporter
    2013.05.14 - 250 supporters
    2013.08.20 - 500 supporters
    2013.XX.XX - 750 supporters?

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    Contest Stuff:

    How to enter: All you have to do is comment on this page and you will be entered into a drawing to win an exclusive and custom Ghast microfig, as shown above.

    The rules are that each 'legitimate' comment will be entered into a drawing with one (1) chance to win for the person who commented.

    Once the number of supporters reaches 1000, the drawing will take place, and there will be a winner announced in the comments section. The limit of entries or eligible comments per person is ten (10), and spammers will we automatically disqualified, so keep it respectful and make sure to contribute!

    To keep it fair, everyone who has commented has already been entered into the contest.

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    The Objective: This project seeks to utilize the existing Minecraft LEGO licencing agreement and market a new play-set based on the Minecraft in game dimension "the Nether".

    Marketability: Sitting at around 500-ish pieces, the suggested retail price would be $34.99 USD. Current support for the existing LEGO Minecraft micro-world reached unprecedented levels in 2012, being featured in entertainment articles from MSN to Forbes Magazine.

    This project seeks to capture existing interest in the Minecraft game, LEGO adaptation, and market a customizable, fun-to-build, fun-to-play-with LEGO play-set.
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