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    Batty and friends!

    created by Nightwing20 on 2013.04.12

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    This is the Battle of Lendon. More information in the product ideas section.


    Batty is a comic character created by my son's friend. After creating many stories about Batty, my son asked me to create a Lego theme. I think that Batty and his colourful cast of friends and enemies would all create a tasteful, fun Lego set for all ages. Here are the characters:

    The good guys:
    Batty the bat
    Benji the cat
    SuperSonic the screwdriver
    Chewy the dog
    Harry the hedgehog
    Lemmy the lemon

    The bad guys:
    His Big Ugly Nosiness
    Ratty the rat
    The sandwich man
    The pancake man
    Doctor Pencil
    Selotape Woman
    Priestley the Judge
    Plus an army of minions!

    Miscellaneous characters:
    The Avros mother
    The Avros father
    Max and Mollie (Benji's siblings)
    Barrell Man and Plank Boy (the disasterous duo)
    Lily the Cat (Benji's girlfriend)

    Name: Battle of Lendon
    Age range: 7-14
    Price: £39.99
    Pieces: 625
    Minifigs: Batty, Sandwich Man, Cotton Bud Doctor, Lemmy, Jess the lady lemon, lemon police guard, Benji and His Big Ugly Nosiness.
    Description: The Sandwich Man has discovered the secret Lemon Police base, and is attacking it! Can Batty, Benji and Lemmy evacuate the lemons in time, outwit the Doctor plotting to make cotton buds into monsters, and save their base? Or has the Sandwich Man got other ideas? Includes a Lemon Evacuation vehicle, Batty's Hoverboard, The MIL HQ, a dropship and 8 characters!

    Name: Avros' museum robbery
    Age range: 5-14
    Price: £17.99
    Pieces: unknown
    Minifigs: Avros, Minion, Batty, Plank-Boy.
    Background: Oh no! Avros has robbed the museum and stolen the precious red jewel! Batty is on his way on his cool hover-skateboard, but so is Plank Boy with his dual pencil shooters! Who will get there first? You decide!

    Name: Doctor Pencil's speedboat escape
    Age range: 6-12
    Price: £10
    Pieces: Unknown
    Minifigs: Benji, Doctor Pencil, Minion.
    Background: Doctor Pencil and His Minion are escaping from jail in a stolen speedboat! Send in Benji in his flying cat basket to stop them in their tracks! Can Benji use the anchor to stop the two escapedes, or have they got other plans?

    Name: Benji and His Big Ugly Nosiness: Duel on the train.
    Age range: 7-14
    Price: £40
    Pieces: 450
    Minifigs: Benji, His Big Ugly Nosiness, X3 train passengers, Train conductor.
    Background: After a big battle, His Big Ugly Nosiness escapes from Benji on a speeding train car! Help Benji Catch up with him and save the passengers before the train car drives off the bridge! Who will win this awesome duel? Only you control the action!

    Name: Selotape Woman: The 206 Siege
    Age range: 6-14
    Price: £24.99
    Pieces: 321
    Minifigs: Benji, Batty, His Big Ugly Nosiness, Sandwich man, Selotape Woman, Pizza Man
    Background: Oh no! Selotape Woman has stolen a bus and made it into a villian transport! Help Batty chase after it and save Benji from the clutches of His Big Ugly Nosiness! Will Batty be captured by Selotape Woman? Or will he stop the bus and put the villians at justice!

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    This is Selotape Woman's 206 siege. The Selotape Shooter can fire at the taxi to stop Batty.

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    This is my design for the battle on the train with his Big Ugly Nosiness. The posts can blow off when the train crashes through them. There are 3 passengers and a conductor inside the train.

    Please help get this to 10,000 supporters, and feel free to comment with your opinion of this project.

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    This is the WIP Mount Sandwich!

    Please help this get 10K!


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