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    LEGO Snow and Sand Shapes

    created by Nickyt13 on 2013.04.26

    Main Section
    Who doesn't enjoy playing in the snow, or at least have fond memories of snow ball fights and building things made out of one of natures most malleable substances! Not content with utilising just one climate/season the very same moulds could also be used to make the same shapes out of Sand in the summer! It's time to bring some added fun back into all of our lives in abundance!

    My idea is to create a series of moulds that can be filled with snow or sand to create "LEGO Snow Shapes" or "LEGO Sand Shapes" in their garden, park or anywhere that there is snow or sand! The "LEGO Snow Shapes" and "LEGO Sand Shapes" can then be used to build whatever structures the builders collective imaginations can create!

    The moulds should reproduce traditional LEGO shapes, that have the properties of any plastic LEGO so that any bricks, blocks or other shapes that are created will be compatible with one another and thus able to create structures with.

    The main image above currently shows some sample "LEGO Snow Shapes" that could be created with the relevant moulds. Each "LEGO Snow Shape" or "LEGO Sand Shape" would necessitate a different mould. The moulds could either be sold individually or as sets that would allow the owners to create certain structures.

    As an addition to each mould, there would be an accompanying "Idea Sheet" giving suggestions of structures to build with that particular type of block. Detailed "How to build a...." guides would accompany the sets of moulds.

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    This is what a typical Sand Shape Castle could look like!

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    This is what some typical Snow Shapes could look like!
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