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    The Crossbow

    created by rfonseka87 on 2013.05.06

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    1/4/2014- 200 supports! thank you so much, everybody!!!!
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    It's the ancient crossbow, re-modernized in Lego! This crossbow features a simple, but very efficient and effective mechanism. It has only around 700 pieces, but as you can see, it is truly life size. Here are the dimensions-
    Width(Of bow)-39cm
    Height(From handle)-21cm
    Weight-450g (1lb)
    The crossbow shoots 5-hole technic beams(shown in red in the firing position and grey in the ammo boxes). Perhaps it would be better to have a soft-ended brick produced for safety reasons, it is so powerful! Here is the complete image of the crossbow.

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    The crossbow has the following features
    1)Sturdy design-Crossbow has never broken or malfunctioned
    2)Exceptional power-maximum range of around 60 feet
    3)Remarkable accuracy- able to shoot down a minifigure from 6 metres away
    5)Trigger mechanism
    6)Weapon sights
    7)Shoulder stock
    8)Ammo boxes on both sides, capable of holding 3 Bolts each
    The following picture shows a few of these features in detail.

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    Please bear in mind- This set is not meant to be a used as a weapon, instead, it should be produced as a Lego Technic set because it shows very technical construction and innovative building designs. Due to there being a great safety hazard because of the hard projectile fired at great speed, perhaps it would be better if Lego were able to make a type of soft-ended brick (This is also due to the fact that the projectiles get damaged after multiple collisions). This set shows great promise, and I hope you enjoy it.
    I eagerly await your votes, appreciations, and criticisms.

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