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    Metroid - Samus Aran Ultrabuild Figure (Rev. 3)

    created by EternalBrick on 2013.05.10

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    Wow, 250 supporters! Thanks everyone! More additions on the way!


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    Minifigures are great, but sometimes, you want a bigger representation of your favorite character. The Bionicle and Hero Factory style 8" figures are well-suited for this purpose – large enough to represent a lot of detail, and small enough to pick up and pose when you're done.

    Some of you may have noticed a few Metroid proposals on LEGO CUUSOO recently, which I highly suggest you support if you've enjoyed the Metroid games or if you like sci-fi.

    Here is Samus Aran, the protagonist of the Metroid series, in her classic Varia Suit. This figure stands 8 1/4" (21 cm or 22 blocks vertically) tall and includes 127 pieces, perfect for a quick build. Comparing it to existing similar sets, this set would probably cost about $20.

    Careful effort was made to make all the details as accurate as possible at this scale while retaining simplicity and strength. This model is based in particular in Samus' most recent appearances in the Metroid Prime Trilogy and Metroid: Other M.

    Revision 1 features:
    - 12 points of articulation
    - custom-built blaster and Shinespark
    - many pieces in orange, a rather uncommon color

    Revision 2 features:
    - new chest plate, added detail
    - new, more accurate mount for Shinespark
    - new colors for blaster (ideally it would be metallic green-grey as seen in 8901/8904)

    Revision 3 features:
    - rebuilt, more accurate shoulders
    - new, sturdier, more accurate mount for Shinespark
    - sleeker, more accurate blaster
    - added Missile, Super Missile, Bomb, Power Bomb

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    Above, Top: An early alternate concept for the blaster. This would be a more playable version as seen in Hero Factory sets.

    Middle: The current design for the blaster.

    Bottom: The blaster expanded, ready to fire a Missile. At right, a Super Missile, Bomb, and Power Bomb.

    From her beam blaster to her Shinespark speed booster, Samus will need all her gear to keep the malicious Space Pirates and ravenous Metroids at bay.

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    This design can easily be adapted to Samus' other suits, including the Gravity Suit and Phazon Suit above.

    What's the next suit? You decide! Support and leave a comment with your vote for what I should add next!

    Project History
    2013-05-10: Revision 1
    2013-05-11: 10 supporters
    2013-05-15: 20 supporters
    2013-06-06: 30 supporters
    2013-06-12: Revision 2
    2013-06-16: 40 supporters
    2013-07-16: 50 supporters
    2013-07-17: Revision 3
    2013-07-23: 60 supporters
    2013-07-29: 70 supporters
    2013-08-07: 80 supporters
    2013-08-16: 90 supporters
    2013-08-23: 100 supporters!
    2013-10-18: 150 supporters
    2013-10-26: LDD models
    2014-01-22: 200 supporters!
    2014-04-05: 250 supporters

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    Revision 1
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    Revision 3
    Revision 4 coming soon!


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