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    Apollo Guard - Imperial Mecha Unit

    created by reekardoo on 2013.05.17

    Main Section

    C.C.S. Gryphon
    The Void Fighter
    Wolven Fighter
    Raven Helicopter
    AMCU-7 Apollo Guard
    Wolven Tank
    T.T.V. Humming Bird
    The WISP
    light medical transport GCM
    Nebulon Cannon
    Blackfenix RU-9 Transport
    25th mobile command center
    Arthalian fighter
    RK - Thunder

    The AMCU-7

    The AMCU-7 is a mecha class unit from the GALAXY COMMAND universe.
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    The AMCU-7 is the most advanced mecha ever devised by human hands (or any other according to H.U.N. High Library). It's gold metal plating isn't merrely for show, nor does it mean to represent the imperial status of those who drive these mechanical armours. Such metal plating can deflect almost any laser known as well as any power charge created at this time. The Wings at the top represent the Apollo Guard, which protect the Imperial Palace grounds. These are meant only for the top of the top! Only those who overcome the full training provided by Grand Master Volk are allowed to join the Apollo Guard. Let's say that there aren't that many who pass, which is also good as these are very expensive to build machines

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    Archangel Enterprises is responsible for the production of the AMCU-7.

    This company, owned by Commander Reekardoo, has seen profits rise due to the ascension of the new empire but as yet failed to deliver an affordable mecha as the one it provided to GALAXY COMMAND. Nonetheless, the AMCU-7 is here to stay and it has surpassed all expections. Just don't count on entire batallions of it.

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    The AMCU-7 was envisioned to work as a moving wall. As said before it can stop and reflect most laser firepower and has strong enough armor to withstand a few Void grenades or a turmoil bomb rocket. But that wasn't enough because the AMCU-7 needed to be able to fight back. And so it introduced to the 3CF - Tri-Cannon Forge.
    This new weapon was more powerful than those carried by any Gryphon or Wisp. It could tear apart a Void Fighter if the shot was clean enough, Working as an AA weapon.
    Not only are its power cells independent as its ammo regenerates over time, it also carries eight turmoil bombs and a fuel tank for 30 minutes of continuous flame.

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    Of course the Apollos, as their drivers call them, have flaws of their own. They are relatively slow when compared to the Armadillo Tank but more agile than the first version of mechas. While in small groups they are virtually indestructible, but if caught alone and surrounded, one Apollo driver can only hope the armour will withstand until backup arrived.

    Nonehtless, this is still considered to be the most fearsome weapon ever constucted by commander Reekardoo and Archangel Enterprises!

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    I really hope you have enjoyed it!

    Please feel free to browse all my other projects and support them!

    Many Thanks!

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