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    DC Superhero Racers

    created by Okay on 2013.06.21

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    Super Heroes are really popular these days, and everyone loves racers, so what would be more awesome than to combine the two into one Lego theme! The story is that the evil Mongul is forcing Batman and some of his greatest friends and foes to compete with each other in a race and in order to save the world, the heroes have to win!

    Let the race begin!

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    This set includes 20 racers. Each racer follows a standard of 4 studs wide and about 8-10 studs long and each one is designed to reflect its driver's theme and personality.

    You can see more pictures of them here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/23397895@N08/sets/72157634790001936/

    This project used to include both DC & Marvel Racers, but I decided to split them up. Please check my projects page to support the Marvel Racers as well.
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    A race to save the world? Holy astringent plum-like fruit batman! No super hero or villain is left out of this assortment, and everyone has cars to match their outfits and colors. Let the race begin...

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