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    Trade Federation Ep.I Battlepacks

    created by SilentBird on 2013.07.08

    Main Section
    Wish you had more Battle Droids? Want a challenge for your Clone Army? Then please support this battlepack!

    I have always enjoyed purchasing Lego Battlepacks and building my Lego armies with the battlepacks. However, it is usually hard to find a battlepack that has a large number and variety of figures for a low price.

    In the past Lego has released some great Separatist battle packs such as the MTT(Multi Troop Transport) and the Battle of Naboo. Unfortunately, these sets fail to include as many figures as collectors like myself would want. This set would give you a good range of Droids for a low price. It would also contain two STAPs(Single Trooper Aerial Platforms) and two of my custom designed Droidekas as well.

    Here are the statistics of the battlepack:

    Minifigures: 17 (1 Droid Commander, 2 Security Droids, 2 Droid Pilots, 12 Battle Droids)

    Ages: 7-12

    Pieces: 212

    Price: $25 US

    Let's go onto the details of the individual parts of the set:

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    Here is the Droideka that is included in the set. I have designed it by doing many experiments with different Lego parts and playing around with different Droidekas I have. I hope you like it! It cannot curl up into a ball very well but besides that it is pretty good. This Droideka features three little "control stick" pieces for eyes which is more accurate than two pieces. I have kept the red globe piece just because it improves the Droideka's "Droid" look.

    There would be two Droidekas in the set as I said earlier.

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    Here is a custom STAP that I designed as well as the Droideka. I recreated the engines with some cylinder pieces. I also changed the bottom front pieces as well. Two STAPs would be included.


    The Battle Droid Commander is the same one that comes in the Malevolence set!

    The Security Droids are the same as the one's that we got in the Naboo Starfighter set from 2011.

    The Droid Pilots are the one's we got in the Battle of Naboo in 2011.

    There would be twelve regular Battle Droids included in this set. Two would fly the STAPs.

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    If you have any suggestions please write a comment!

    Wouldn't you like to build your Droid army with this battlepack?

    If so please support!

    Thank-you to all those who have supported! Let's keep them coming!
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