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    Star Wars: The Old Republic: Medical Outpost

    created by commanderjaw on 2013.07.12

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    My idea for a new Star Wars set is based on the medical vendors that you come across on your adventures in that galaxy far far away...

    I have done a model of a Republic Medical Vending point, however the design could be altered for an imperial version. The set would come with a tent with box's and canisters, I've done Kolto canisters, and 4 new figures.

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    This sets figures includes....

    Republic Medical Droid
    Mouse Droid
    Republic Infantry Soldier x2.

    Note: The medical droid would be a completely different design, the Original Trilogy med droid is just there so as to get a feel for the set.

    I think that these sets could achieve as much potential as the battle packs, not to mention good play-ability for children who build their armies and could create their own little games. This would also be good for those who want to create their own creation (MOC). This is also a good opportunity for hardcore star wars fans to get their hands on more exclusive figures.

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