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    Lego Porsche 911 - 50 Years Edition

    created by brickmania4u on 2013.07.15

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    Hi fans and lego addicts.

    Porsche recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of its Porsche 911 version. And although I have seen quit some Lego Ferrari's and Lego Lamborghini's, I do believe Porsche deserves its own lego set.

    So that is my idea: a Lego Porsche.

    It can be minifigure, any other scale, technic, just make a Porsche please.

    I surfed around on the internet and found that many fans made their own version of a Porsche with bricks, so I decided to make one too: a minifigure scaled version.

    The original Porsche by Zeto Vince was 6 bricks wide and had a roof. I based my model up it, though made it into an 8 brick-wide cabriolet version.

    It contains excactly 253 original lego bricks and I actually ordered the bricks through the Lego Pick a Brick service to make it. Unfortunately, I had to make it in black and red. I do hope a lego Porsche would come in much cooler colors than we're used to. Some chrome would be super!!!

    I am also on flickr.: http://www.flickr.com/photos/legolover2015/
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