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    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

    created by leopard1217 on 2013.07.26

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    I'd say this is like a starter set that has 229 peices. This set has a Generator, training area (where Captain America, Hawkeye, and Agent Coulson are), weapons rack, and a Micro-scale Helicarrier.
    The Weapons rack is similar to the one in the Polybag but is bigger. It's equipped with Captain America's shield, a walkie talkie, binoculars, fire extinguisher, handcuffs, a laser blaster, and 3 pistols. The pistols are different because I didn't like the ones on LDD so I used Nozzle pieces instead to give it that look of real pistols from the movie.
    Agent Coulson is using the blaster from the movie and the upcoming lego marvel videogame. He is testing the weapon on a wall with a dummy of Loki. The wall was supposed to have stickers of blasts left behind from the weapon.

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    Captain America has a helmet on because he didn't look good with the color for his face, He is seen punching the punching bag that is connected to the hook, Nick fury only has a beard because it was the only face with an eye patch.
    Hawkeye is with another agent that has a blaster from star wars. Hawkeye's bow is different because I couldn't find the one that matches. I also gave him a black Quiver so that he can get arrows. They are both shooting targets that can rotate.

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    I tried to match the Generator from the movie when Black Widow uses Loki's staff to shut down the generator but there was a piece that I couldn't attach so I left it like that. Dr. Erik Selvig is on the computer trying to find out how to stop the cosmic cube after it opened the portal.
    I tried to make the Helicarrier match the one in the movie but I couldn't figure out which pieces were necessary. The main pieces that make it look like the Helicarrier were that rotor blades and turbines.
    It's unknown what the price will be but it will be somewhere between $15-$20.
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