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    Talking Books

    created by igorwm on 2013.07.26

    Main Section
    Talking Books is opportunity for kids and their parents to discover world of books using LEGO.

    The main idea is that it's made in form of real book. The book will be divided in 2 parts - top part may contain real paper book and section for LEGO blocks (this section is needed to change scenes) and bottom part will contain scene board. Parents can change opened page of book and in the same time the scene on the board using additional LEGO bocks from the box in the top part of LEGO book.

    When the whole box is closed it will look like just big book. But when you open it - you will see that there is story going on. Parents can change scenes when kids are asleep; when kids will wake up, they will see that the story inside book is alive!

    Another feature could be sounds - when book is closed, it may produce some recognizable sounds which are actual and remarkable for the story (sound of train, airplane, sounds of animals) - it will give an effect that book has its life even if it is closed.

    This project will allow kids discover not only wonderful world of LEGO but also amazing adventures from the books of Jules Vern, Jack London, Jonathan Swift and so on.

    First Talking Books could be Chronicles of Ferrets (Richard Bach) which contain very nice and interesting stories about Ferrets.
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