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Jungle Explorer

created by parkCollect on 2013.08.05

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Do you remember how it felt to be a child in 1993 when 'Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth'? Well here's your chance to relive that exciting prehistoric time with LEGO's JUNGLE EXPLORER.

The Jurassic Park 'Jungle Explorer' vehicle based on the early 1990s Ford Explorer, was originally designed by prolific concept artist John Bell, who was also responsible for designing the Hoverboard from Back to the Future part II. It represented the dream car of the 1990s - electric, automated, and stylish!

The vehicle boasts an extended body with a sleek bubble dome roof, perfect for Tyrannosaurs to inspect! The interior will be modelled in tan leather brown, complete with interactive CD-ROM screen displaying a map of the island.

As a display feature, this vehicle comes with a road base, with a track that the vehicle secures to, just like the electrical track in the film!

This set will come with two exclusive mini figures - Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler. Alan would have his distinctive cream fedora and Ellie her blue vest with salmon shirt tied round her waist.

The boot opens up to reveal a storage area that contains:
- A pair of LEGO Night vision goggles (that fit onto Alan or Ellie)
- 2 X Flares for distracting any would-be dinosaurs!
- Alan Grant's book - featuring his LEGO mini figure face pictured on the cover
- LEGO Dino Droppings - to re-enact that famous Triceratops scene

I believe this design will succeed because it represents the level of thrilling technology we see in the film - but with a stunning aesthetic. Hopefully with an ounce of humor thrown in to boot (eh! get it?) this set should be appealing for all fans far and wide!
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