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    Lego Worms

    created by commandroger on 2013.08.12

    Main Section
    I love Lego, and I love the Worms video games, so why not Lego Worms? Worms is a game where you play as a team of worms fighting against an opposing army of worms with an assortment of destructive and crazy weapons.

    This set will include 2 worms with different hats, different weapons and some customizable land sections. more will be added later as I get supports, but at the moment the set has 1 worm, a bazooka, grenade, cluster bomb, boomerang and dynamite. I will try to include more well-known and classic weapons and only a few not-so well-known ones.

    At every important support milestone (100, 500, 1000, 2000) I will release a part of the landscape and a secret model. you won't know what it is until that amount of supports has been reached!

    If this set reaches 10.000 supports, it could be a set to celebrate 20 years of worms! yes, worms has been with us since 1995 and is still going strong!

    Change log:

    0 supports-12/08/2013(worm and bazooka)

    10 supports-27/08/2013(improvements to worm)

    25 supports-15/10/2013(a few more weapons)

    50 supports-(a few more weapons)

    100 supports-(a surprise! and 1 land section)

    200 supports-(more weapons and improvements)

    500 supports-(a surprise! and 1 land section)

    750 supports-(more weapons and improvements

    1000 supports-(a surprise! and 1 land section)

    2000 supports-(a surprise! and 1 land section)

    5000 supports-(any improvements to land and more weapons)

    8000 supports-(final weapons and final improvements)

    10000 supports-(Done...)
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